Support Policies

Technical Support Available

The HORTICOPIA® Website provides updates, documents, demonstrations, and problem solving. For Professional users, there is a Help Desk to request support and a Knowledgebase that contains an index for easier retrieval and detailed problem solving items.

HORTICOPIA® E-mail Support

Education Edition - a Support Request Ticket is available by clicking here. We encourage you to use this form, as it contains information we need to effectively help you solve your problem.

Please keep us informed of any change to your email address, as this is how we communicate with our users.

HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V Telephone and Email Support

Be sure you have upgraded to the latest version of the software before requesting support. Only with the current version can we readily duplicate problems and answer questions.

When requesting technical support, we will need your product number so we can quickly locate your records.

Telephone support is provided at 800-560-6186, Option #2 free of charge for three months following license authorization. Installation support is provided only for one computer system.

For new networking purchases, remote installation support is included for the one server and one client.

Depending on our workload and schedule, telephone support will usually be provided within one business day.

Free email support is provided for all Professional Version V users by submitting a Help Desk ticket. Help Desk responses are usually made within one business day, but may take 2 business days.


Reinstallation support (including multiple installations for use with a hardware key) is only by Help Desk ticket.

If you reinstall a networked version HORTICOPIA® Professional on a new server, we will support only installations on Windows® 7 or 10 Professional, Windows Server 2012 or later with HORTICOPIA® Professional Version 5.1.065 or later. You MUST install and configure Microsoft SQL Server (2012 or later) on your Server. Since most SQL Server issues deal with security configurations that are unique to each installation, we can provide only very limited support in this area.

If you do not have a default SQL Server instance (SQLEXPRESS) or one created specifically for HORTICOPIA® Professional (such as HortProSQL), you should consider adding a standard (default) instance to your SQL Server. Additionally, although HORTICOPIA® Professional will work with SQL Servers located on servers other than the one hosting HORTICOPIA® Professional, we expect your IT personnel to set up these types of more complex SQL configurations.

If you reinstall your HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V or move it to a new computer, you may purchase remote installation support from Horticopia support by calling 1-800-560-6186. Please see Installation Support Pricing for details.

To purchase a replacement set of media for HORTICOPIA Professional, go to our online store to order.