Remote Installation Support Pricing

Remote Installation Support is available only for Version V and Version V Refresh of HORTICOPIA® Professional. You'll need a broadband Internet connection for this support option and to contact us, so that we can verify the compatibility of your installation requirements and schedule a time for performing the installation. Call 800-560-6186, Option 2.

Standalone Installations

Remote installation support can be provided for standalone installations running Windows Windows 10.

Network Installations

Remote installation support can be provided for network installations running Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Professional, Windows Server 2010 (or later).

Remote installation includes installation/upgrade on the server and configuration of one client workstation. The client workstation must run Windows 10 Professional Professional and be able to access files (read/write) on the server computer. We'll need to remotely log into the client workstation as well as the server.

Network installations require Microsoft SQL Server. The standard networked installation assumes the SQL Server is on the same computer as the HORTICOPIA® Professional installation and that HORTICOPIA® Professional does not share an SQL Server instance with other programs.

Other Configurations

All other configurations are charged at the rate of $80 per half hour in half hour increments.