Initial SQL Server Configuration

Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager:

The following Window will be presented:

SQL Services

Click on SQL Server Services in the left pane. Then, double-click on SQL Server Browser in the right pane.

SQL Browser settings

Click on the Service tab and then make sure the Start Mode is set to Automatic.

Browser Automatic

After the Stat Mode has been set, click on the Log On tab.

Start Browser

Click on Start to start the Browser Service.

Next, in the SQL Server Configuration Manager, click on SQL Server Network Configuration, and then the Protocols for XXXXXX. (XXXXX is your instance name, usually SQLExpress).

TCP IP Enable

If TCP/IP in the right pane shows Disabled, right-click on TCP/IP and select Enabled.

Restart Service

Restart the SQL Server Service by right-clicking on SQL Server XXXXX in the right pane and selecting Restart.

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