HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V

The HORTICOPIA® Professional software combines our most popular Woody and Herbaceous plants into one collection. With extensive search capabilities, users can quickly access 17,500 pictures for more than 4,500 ornamental plants, all complete with data and botanical name pronunciation. A powerful tool that allows you to show pictures and plant information in a variety of presentation formats for printing or emailing or copied for use in other applications. HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V is delivered on a flash drive, so it can be installed on tablets/laptops without a CD/DVD drive. (Revised October 31, 2017)

Popular add-ons to the HORTICOPIA® Professional
  • Authoring module: Easily add your own pictures, plants and data, as well as change the HORTICOPIA® data
  • Networking module: Provides access to other users on a LAN
  • Garden Studio®: Design and print custom plant signs, tags and data sheets

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Kaleidoscope Abelia

Sambucus 'Eva (Black Lace)'

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