Workgroups and Networking

networking graphic

>HORTICOPIA's Networking Add-Ons increase productivity for your LAN connected workgroup.

One computer acts as a server and client computers may access HORTICOPIA® Professional on the Server. Authored plants and other workgroup common information are automatically made available to all users. Each user can set their own work preferences and keep their own plant-specific notes.

The standard HORTICOPIA® Professional networking module lets one user at a time access HORTICOPIA® Professional. There is no restriction on the number of different workstations on the network that may access HORTICOPIA® Professional, except that one user at a time is allowed. If you need concurrent access for additional users, we offer discounts on additional licenses.

Networking Plus Module

If you need additional user access but only for retrieving information (for example, at a Garden Center information station), you may find our Networking Plus an attractive alternative. In addition to one fully privileged user, four additional "read-only" users may access HORTICOPIA® Professional. The "read-only" users may access and view all information, including authored plants and workgroup plant notes. However, they may not make modifications or create printed outputs.

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Get It Now! For the Networking Plus Module, click here.