User Guides, Quick Tips, and Help Documents

The HORTICOPIA® Help documents are in PDF format, and you will need Adobe® Reader® to view these files. You can download Reader for free from

HORTICOPIA® Professional

Version V User Guides and Primer

HORTICOPIA® Professional User Guide (Version V)
Garden Studio® Primer (Version V)
HORTICOPIA® Professional Networking Guide

Education Edition User Guide

User Guide - screen resoution
User Guide - printer resoution

HORTICOPIA® Professional Quick Tips - 1 to 2-page tips on the using the basics of the Professional

Document Setup for a Picture Sheet
Document Setup for a Data Sheet
Document Setup for a Layout
Document Setup for a List
Changing the Preferred Picture or Suppressing Pictures
Document Setup for a List
Managing a MyList®
Creating PDFs of Your Documents
Creating a Master Page
Omitting a Master Page
Authoring a Plant
Changing an Authored Plant's Attributes
Backing up your work

HORTICOPIA® Professional Help Programs

These can be accessed by starting the program, clicking Help on the menu bar, then selecting Horticopia Help. A dialog box appears with three tabs:

HORTICOPIA® Advisor Topics

The Advisor Topics give information and tips concerning the currently active window. This feature may be turned on or off when the program is first run and subsequently from the Help menu. To turn the advisor on, go to Help and select Show All Advisor Topics.

HORTICOPIA® Context Sensitive Help

at any point when using the program, press the F1 key on your keyboard and a window will appear with information directly related to what you are viewing.