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Professional Tutorials

User Guide Quick Tours

    ProTour 1 - Searching for a plant

    ProTour 2 - Using the Find feature to search for plants

    ProTour 3 - Batch printing

    ProTour 4 - Creating a simple layout

    ProTour 5 - Creating an advaced layout

    Authoring Tour 1 - Adding picture, data and search attributes to a new plant

    Authoring Tour 2 - Creating a new species and a new family

    Authoring Tour 3 - Using other authoring features

    Authoring Tour 4 - Adding text and pictures while not in authoring mode


Instructional Videos

    Creating a plant list - Creates a MyList® which is used in each of the other three demonstrations below

    Printing Lists - Uses the document setup options to customize how lists are printed

    Printing Data Sheets - Print data sheets and customize the appearance of data sheets

    Printing Pictures - See how the Document Setup options are used to control the appearance of picture sheets

    Adding Pictures - See how you can add your own pictures to a plant in the plant list


HORTICOPIA® - On the Job

For Landscape Design

    Selecting the right plants... - Search for plants based on attributes and then view their data

    Working with plant lists - Create and work with a MyList®, search text fields and work with the Favorites menu

    Customer presentation - Open a MyList® from the Favorites menu, view plant pictures and create a slideshow

    Customizing your landscape proposal - Create a print layout with both plant pictures and a logo graphic

For Garden Centers

    Providing your customers with information - Search the plant list based on characteristics and create a slideshow

For Educators

    Creating plant study lists - Create several documents, view some display options and take a look at some preset plant lists

    Preparing exams and tests - Use HORTICOPIA® data with another program and use identification mode for study purposes

Workgroup Options

    Sharing information with networking - Information on the Network Module

    Adding additional information users with networking plus - Information on Networking Plus


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