Below are some intial MyLists® of plants that can be downloaded and used by HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V. The number of plants that will appear in these lists depends on the HORTICOPIA® Professional Libraries that you have installed. If you would like to share some of your MyLists, you can email them to


  1. Click on the MyList of interest to you
  2. Save the zip file on your hard drive in a location where you'll find it later
  3. Open the downloaded zip file and then extract the .hfr file in the zip folder. This is the MyList file you'll want to keep
  4. Then, open HORTICOPIA® Professional and, on the File menu, select Open MyList and select the file you saved. Once you have the list open, you can add it to your Favorites if you like.
Deer Damage - High Risk and Low Risk
Woody Plants

Connifer photograph


Deer Damage - High Risk and Low Risk
Herbaceous Plants

Hibiscus photograph


Drought Tolerant and Low Water Usage Plants

Drought tolreant plant photograph


Miscellaneous List