HORTICOPIA® Professional Education Edition

Downloading the Education Edition to Run in the Demo Mode

When you run in the demo mode, there are only 10 active plants of the 4100+ plants from the library, but the software is fully functional. This allows you to make sure it runs on your computer and has the features you need. Each time your run the trial software, you will have the option to purchase or remain in the trial mode.

Download EDU ISO

Windows 10 users who have a third party ISO mounting application installed should download the ISO version. Be sure you know how to locate the downloaded file once the download is complete. It will usually appear in your Downloads folder.

When the download is complete, right-click on the V53EDU.iso file and, from the popup Window, select Mount. (You may see other options if third party software was installed, but there should be something like Mount virtual drive). Once the drive is mounted, you may be prompted to run the Setup or the drive folder will open and you can then run the Setup. If neither one of these happens, open the mounted drive and run the Setup.

Once the setup is complete, first run the program by right-clicking Horticopia Pro Edu icon on your desktop and selecting Run as Administrator. This only needs to be done the first time -- subsequently, just double-click on the icon.

If you want to purchase an Education Edition license independently of downloading one of the two options above (for example, to give it as a gift or to install on a different computer), click HERE. You will have access to all 4100+ plants, data, and pictures contained in the product after downloading.

For more information on how to purchase the Education Edition as a gift, please click here.

Online Documents - Get PDFs of the User Guide as well as Quick Tips for popular program features.

Knowledgebase - The Knowledgebase (FAQs) can help you resolve problems and explain software and hardware issues.

Online Documents - Get PDFs of the User Guide as well as Quick Tips for popular program features.

Help Desk - If you are having problems, you will need to submit a technical support request ticket. We will respond by the next business day.

Updates - When we make changes to the software, you can re-download the software and install the software. Your licensing will not be affected if it's on the same computer.