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HORTICOPIA® Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder

Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder

Click here to see a list of the plants contained in the Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder HIL.


Japanese Maples should be a must-have in your garden center or in your proposals, because these versatile plants are:

  • Four seasons of beauty
  • Low maintenance, big impact
  • Excellent for small yards or large perennial beds to add structure
  • Great container plants

The Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder HIL is an extensive collection of 431 common and rare plants. The collection includes 1500 pictures and data for each plant.

Ms. Schroeder has been growing Japanese Maples since 1987 and is an active member of the Maples Society and contract photographer for the Smithsonian Horticultural Services.

Buy Now! Click here to purchase the Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder.

The time to directly download this HIL into your library by

  • Cable is 10 to 20 minutes
  • T1 line is approximately 1 hour
  • DSL connection is 2 to 6 hours.






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