Additional License Details


This offer is good for only ONE additional license* of equal or lesser value.

If you have have questions, need additional information, or need a quote, call 800 560-6186 or email

Additional libraries and features available for second license at 50% off

Authoring Plus Module – Regular price $150 Sale price $75

Woody Plus Library – Regular price $175 Sale price $87.50

Herbaceous Plus Library – Regular price $175 Sale price $87.50

Aquatic and Marginal Plant Library - Regular price $150 Sale price $75

Japanese Maples by Francie Schroeder - Regular price $150 Sale price $75

Additional Information

  • Since you will use your existing HORTICOPIA flash drive and can download the User Guide, you will save shipping and handling costs.

  • This special pricing is available to Version 5 Refresh users only.

  • Support for additional license is by email.

  • Non-network users can have a second license without additional libraries and features.

* If you have more than one Version V Refresh license, you can get an additional discounted license for each one.

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Kaleidoscope Abelia

Sambucus 'Eva (Black Lace)'