'Primrose Beauty' Red Hot Poker Primrose Jasmine
Primrose, Mexican Evening (spp.) Primrose, Mexican Evening 'Rosea'
Primrose, Pink Evening (spp.) Primrose, Pink Evening 'Rosea'
Primrose, Showy Evening (spp.) Primrose, Showy Evening 'Rosea'
Primrose, White Evening (spp.) Primrose, White Evening 'Rosea'
Princess Flower Privet, Chinese (spp.)
Privet, Chinese 'Excelsum Superbun' Privet, Chinese 'Tricolor'
Privet, Glossy (spp.) Privet, Glossy 'Excelsum Superbun'
Privet, Glossy 'Tricolor' Privet, Japanese (spp.)
Privet, Japanese 'Curly Leaf' Privet, New Mexico
Privet, Texas (spp.) Privet, Texas 'Curly Leaf'
Privet, Waxleaf (spp.) Privet, Waxleaf 'Curly Leaf'
Privet: sinense, Chinese Variegated Prostrate Acacia
'Prostratum Pink Cascade' New Zealand Tea Tree 'Prostratus' Creeping Germander
'Prostratus' Rosemary 'Prostratus' Sage Leaf Rock Rose
Pungent Elaeagnus (spp.) 'Purple Beauty' Creeping Thyme
Purple Fruited Prickly Pear Purple Gromwell (spp.)
Purple Gromwell 'Heavenly Blue' Purple Gromwell 'Picos'
Purple Lantana 'Purple Prince' Butterflybush
Purple Sage (spp.) Purple Sage 'Compactum'
Purple Sage: leucantha (spp.) 'Purpurascens' Maiden Grass
'Purpurea' Bailey Acacia Pygmy Date Palm
Pyracantha 'Santa Cruz' Pyracantha (spp.)
Pyracantha 'Lalandei' Queen Victoria Century Plant
Queen's Wreath Queensland Box (spp.)
Queensland Box Variegated 'Quilled Petals Mix' Black-eyed Susan
'Radiance' Lantana 'Radiation' Lantana
Ragwort (spp.) Ragwort 'Desdemona'
Ragwort 'Othello' Rain Lily: candida
'Rancho' Littleleaf Linden 'Red Apple' Baby Sunrose
Red Barberry (spp.) Red Barberry 'Atropurpurea'
Red Barberry 'Atropurpurea Nana' Red Bird of Paradise
Red Bottlebrush (spp.) Red Cedar, Colorado 'Gray Gleam'
Red Cedar, Colorado 'Skyrocket' 'Red Cross' Kangaroo Paw
'Red Edge' Hen and Chicks 'Red Edge' Molded Wax Agave
Red Fescue 'Penn Lawn' Red Flowering Currant 'King Edward VII'
'Red Fox Red' Bedding Verbena Red Hesperaloe
'Red Hooks' Spider Flower Red Hot Poker (spp.)
Red Hot Poker 'Flava' Red Hot Poker 'Lola'
Red Hot Poker 'Primrose Beauty' Red Hot Poker: Kniphofia 'Alcazar'
Red Hot Poker: Kniphofia 'Gilt Bronze' Red Hot Poker: Kniphofia 'Parmentier'
Red Pancakes Red Spider Flower
Red Spined Blue Aloe Red Switch Grass (spp.)
Red Switch Grass 'Haense Hermes' Red Switch Grass 'Heavy Metal'
Red Switch Grass 'Rotstrahlbusch' Red Valerian (spp.)
Red Yucca Redbud, California
Redbud, Oklahoma 'Oklahoma' Redbud, Oklahoma 'Texas White'
Redbud, Western 'Reevesii' Australian Tea Tree
Reflexed Stonecrop 'Angelina' 'Repens' Willowleaf Cotoneaster
'Riegel's Big Blue' Lilyturf