'Prince' Calico Aster 'Prince of Wales' Creeping Juniper
Prince of Wales Feather 'Pygmy Torch' Prince's Feather 'Pygmy Torch'
'Princeton' American Elm Privet, Florida
Privet, New Mexico 'Prostrata' Coast Redwood
'Prostrate Blue Mist' Colorado Spruce Prostrate Spurge
Provision Tree 'Pseudocupressus' Eastern Red Cedar
Puccoon, Red (spp.) Puccoon, Red 'Multiplex'
Puerto Rican Royal Palm 'Pulcherrima' American Arborvitae
Pulque Agave 'Pulveralenta' Northern Catalpa
'Pumila' Eastern White Pine 'Pumila Sudworth' American Arborvitae
Punch Bowl Godetia 'Purple and Gold' Japanese Iris
Purple Anise (spp.) Purple Anise: floridanum alba
'Purple' Autumn Sage Purple Avens
Purple Coneflower (spp.) Purple Coneflower 'Bright Star'
Purple Coneflower 'Kim's Knee High' Purple Coneflower 'Kim's Mophead'
Purple Coneflower 'Magnus' Purple Coneflower 'Ruby Star'
Purple Coneflower 'White King' Purple Coneflower 'White Swan'
'Purple Dome' New England Aster 'Purple Fan' Virginia Iris
Purple Fruited Chokeberry Purple Fruited Prickly Pear
'Purple Knockout' Cancer Weed Purple Laurel (spp.)
Purple Laurel 'Boursault' Purple Laurel White
'Purple Parasols' Stokes' Aster Purple Passion Flower
Purple Pitcher Plant Purple Prairie Clover
'Purple Robe' Black Locust Purple Sage (spp.)
Purple Sage: leucantha (spp.) Purple Torch Bartlettina
Purple Trillium Purple Wreath
Purple-leaved Loosestrife (spp.) Purple-leaved Loosestrife 'Purpurea'
'Purpurea' Purple-leaved Loosestrife Purslane, Milk
Pussy Willow: discolor Pussytoes 'Rubra'
Pussytoes, Stoloniferous 'Rubra' Pussytoes: parvifolia
Pussytoes: rosea 'Pygmaea' Black Spruce
'Pygmaea' Flowering Dogwood 'Pygmy Torch' Prince's Feather
'Pyramidale' Silver Maple 'Pyramidalis' American Arborvitae
'Pyramidalis' American Linden 'Pyramidalis' Eastern Red Cedar
Pyrolla, Pink 'Quadricolor' Wandering Jew: zebrina
Quail Berry Quaker Ladies
Quaking Aspen Quamash, Cusick
Queen of the Night Queen of the Prairie (spp.)
'Queen Sophia' French Marigold Queen Victoria Century Plant
Queen's Wreath Queen's Wreath: volubilis
Queensland Queensland Umbrella Tree (spp.)
Queensland Umbrella Tree 'Amate™' Rabbit Bush
Rabbitbrush, Black Banded 'Radiata' Eastern White Pine
Ragged Orchid Ragweed, Annual
Ragweed, Giant Ragweed, Great
Railroad Vine Rain Lily
Rain of Gold 'Rainbow' Drooping Agarista
'Rainbow' Flowering Dogwood 'Rainbows End' White Spruce
Ram's Horn Rapanea
'Raspberry Glow' Mountain Laurel 'Raspberry Regal' Alumroot: micrantha
'Raspberry Ripple' Autumn Sage 'Raspberry Wine' Bee Balm: Monarda
Rattlesnake Fern Rattlesnake Master
'Recurva Nana' American Arborvitae