Chives (spp.) Chives 'Pink Feathers'
Chives 'Schnittlauch' 'Chocolate' Ageratina
Chocolate Cosmos Chokeberry, Black 'Low ScapeŽ Mound'
Chokeberry, Black 'Viking' Chokeberry, Purple Fruited
Chokeberry, Red (spp.) Chokeberry, Red 'Brilliantissima'
Chokecherry (spp.) Chokecherry 'Schubert'
Cholla Cactus (spp.) Cholla Cactus 'True Burbank Thornless'
Cholla Cactus: echinocarpa Cholla Cactus: invicta
Cholla Cactus: kelvinensis Cholla Cactus: prolifera
Cholla, Buckhorn Cholla, Chainfruit
Cholla, Coastal Cholla, Diamond
Cholla, Munz Cholla, Silver
Cholla, Tuna Christmas Berry (spp.)
Christmas Berry: carolinianum Christmas Berry: fremontii
Christmas Cheers Christmas Fern
Christmas Flower (spp.) Christmas Flower 'Peterstar Silver Bells'
Christmas Flower 'V-14 Pink' Christmas Flower 'V-17 Angelika White'
Christmas Flower 'Winter Rose' Christmas Star (spp.)
Christmas Star 'Peterstar Silver Bells' Christmas Star 'V-14 Pink'
Christmas Star 'V-17 Angelika White' Christmas Star 'Winter Rose'
Christmas Tree: amabilis Christmasberry
'Chrysocarpa' Winterberry: verticillata Chuparosa
Chuparosa Honeysuckle Chuperosa
Cigar Flower (spp.) Cigar Flower: lanceolata
Cigar Plant (spp.) 'Cinderella' Silky Dogwood
Cinnamon Cactus Cinnamon, Wild
Cinnamon, Winter Cinnamonbark
Cinquefoil, Bush (spp.) Cinquefoil, Bush 'Happy FaceŽ Pink Paradise'
Cinquefoil, Bush 'Happy FaceŽ White' Cinquefoil, Bush 'Happy FaceŽ Yellow'
Cinquefoil, Shrubby (spp.) Cinquefoil, Shrubby 'Happy FaceŽ Pink Paradise'
Cinquefoil, Shrubby 'Happy FaceŽ White' Cinquefoil, Shrubby 'Happy FaceŽ Yellow'
Cinquefoil, Woolly 'Citronella' Dog's Tooth Violet
'Citronella' Spanish Flag 'Claremont' California Holly: arbutifolia cerina
'Claremont' Maritime Ceanothus Clarkia
Clarkia, Botta's Clasping Coneflower
'Classic Golden Orange' Creeping Zinnia: angustifolia 'Claude Barre' Penstemon
'Claudia Wannamaker' Southern Magnolia Clavelina Cactus
Clematis, Scarlet 'Duchess of Albany' Clematis, Texas 'Duchess of Albany'
Cliff Green Cliff Maids (spp.)
Cliff Maids 'Ashwood Strain' Cliff Maids 'Hybrid Mix'
Climbing Bittersweet Climbing Fetterbush
Climbing Hemp Vine Climbing Hempweed
Climbing Hydrangea: barbara Climbing Snapdragon 'Jewels'
Clintonia, White Closed Gentian
'Cloth of Gold' American Arborvitae 'Cloud 9' Flowering Dogwood
Clover, Lucky Clover, Purple Prairie
Clubhair Mariposa Lily