Rosinweed: perfoliatum 'Rosy Cushion' Rose
'Rotstrahlbusch' Switch Grass Rough-Leaved Goldenrod 'Fireworks'
Roughstem Goldenrod 'Fireworks' Round Head Bush Clover
Roundleaf Buffaloberry Royal Agave
'Royal Aspirations' English Larkspur Rubber Plant, Small-leaved (spp.)
'Rubrum' Fountain Grass: setaceum 'Ruby Anniversary™' Glossy Abelia
'Ruby Meidiland®' Rose 'Ruby Star' Purple Coneflower
'Ruby Teardrops' Colorado Spruce 'Ruby Throat' Daylily
'Ruffled Ruby' Daylily 'Ruffles' Alumroot: micrantha
Rugose Rose 'Magnifica' Rush Milkweed
'Russell Hybrid' Lupine Russet Buffaloberry
'Russet' Southern Magnolia 'Russian Violet' Rose of Sharon
Rusty Black Viburnum (spp.) Rusty Black Viburnum 'Emerald Charm™'
Rusty Blackhaw (spp.) Rusty Blackhaw 'Emerald Charm™'
Rusty Sage 'Sachet' Rose
Sacred Bamboo (spp.) Sacred Bamboo 'Firepower'
Sacred Bamboo 'Harbor Belle™' Sacred Bamboo 'Moon Bay'
Sacred Bamboo 'Nana Purpurea' Sacred Bamboo 'Okame'
Sacred Bamboo 'Wood's Red' Sage, Autumn (spp.)
Sage, Autumn 'Moonlight' Sage, Autumn 'Raspberry Ripple'
Sage, Cherry Red 'Lady in Red' Sage, Hummingbird 'Lady in Red'
Sage, Lilac 'Purple Rain' Sage, Pineapple
Sage, Pineapple-scented Sage, Pitcher
Sage, Rocky Mountain Sage, Rusty
Sage, Sapphire 'Black and Blue' Sage, Scarlet 'Lady in Red'
Sage, Yellow (spp.) Sage, Yellow 'Banana Split'
Sage, Yellow 'Bante Rossa' Sage, Yellow 'Lemon Swirl'
Sage, Yellow 'Luscious® Citrus Blend' Sage, Yellow 'Luscious® Grape'
Sage, Yellow 'Luscious® Lemonade' Sage, Yellow 'New Gold'
Sage, Yellow 'Pink Caprice' Sage, Yellow 'Radiance'
Sage, Yellow 'Radiation' Sage, Yellow 'Silver Mound'
Sage, Yellow 'Tropical Fruit' Sage: coccinea, Texas 'Lady in Red'
Sage: greggii, Texas (spp.) Sage: greggii, Texas 'Moonlight'
Sage: greggii, Texas 'Raspberry Ripple' Sage: holwayii, Meadow
Sage: splendens, Scarlet (spp.) Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Caramba'
Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Cleopatra' Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Empire Red'
Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Firecracker Wow' Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Purple Blaze'
Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Sizzler Burgundy' Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Sizzler Salmon'
Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Van Houttei' Sage: splendens, Scarlet 'Vista Red'
Saguaro Cactus 'Saint Mary' Southern Magnolia
Sallow Sedge 'Sally's Rose' Rose
Saltbush, Australian Saltbush, Creeping
Saltspray Rose 'Magnifica' Salvia, Perennial 'Purple Rain'
Salvia, Red (spp.) Salvia, Red 'Caramba'
Salvia, Red 'Cleopatra' Salvia, Red 'Empire Red'
Salvia, Red 'Firecracker Wow' Salvia, Red 'Purple Blaze'
Salvia, Red 'Sizzler Burgundy' Salvia, Red 'Sizzler Salmon'
Salvia, Red 'Van Houttei' Salvia, Red 'Vista Red'