'Leucocarpa' Japanese Beautyberry 'Lewisii' Canadian Hemlock
Licorice Mint 'Lightning Bug' Daylily
Ligustrum, Japanese (spp.) Ligustrum, Japanese 'Curly Leaf'
Ligustrum, Tree (spp.) Ligustrum, Tree 'Excelsum Superbun'
Ligustrum, Waxleaf (spp.) Ligustrum, Waxleaf 'Curly Leaf'
'Lil' Kim™' Rose of Sharon Lilac Sage 'Purple Rain'
'Lilac Sunday' Chinese Lilac Lilac 'Bloomerang® Dark Purple'
Lilac 'Penda (Bloomerang® Purple)' Lilac 'Scent and Sensibility® Pink'
Lilac, Chinese 'Lilac Sunday' Lilac, Korean 'Miss Kim'
Lilac, Manchurian 'Miss Kim' Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® Pink'
Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® Violet' Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® White'
Lilac, Summer 'Summer Skies' Lilac, West Indian
Lily, American Turk's Cap Lily, Canada
Lily, Canadian Lily, Common Torch (spp.)
Lily, Common Torch 'Flamenco' Lily, Common Torch 'Pfitzeri'
Lily, Common Torch 'Primrose Beauty' Lily, Common Torch 'Springtime'
Lily, Meadow Lily, Torch (spp.)
Lily, Torch 'Flamenco' Lily, Torch 'Pfitzeri'
Lily, Torch 'Primrose Beauty' Lily, Torch 'Springtime'
Lily: Kniphofia , Common Torch 'Little Maid' Limber Pine (spp.)
Limber Pine Blue Limeberry
Linden Viburnum 'Catskill' Linden, American (spp.)
Linden, Silver (spp.) Lingonberry
Lion's Ear, Mint Lion's Tail Agave (spp.)
Lion's Tail Agave 'Nova' Little Bluestem (spp.)
Little Bluestem 'The Blues' 'Little Buckaroo' Rose
'Little Dot' Maiden Grass 'Little Elfie' American Arborvitae
Little Flowered Agave 'Little Gem' American Arborvitae
'Little Gem' Southern Magnolia 'Little Giant' American Arborvitae
'Little Grapette' Daylily Little Leaf Cordia
'Little Linda' Mountain Laurel 'Little Maid' Common Torch Lily: Kniphofia
'Little Red ™' Holly 'Little Red Warbler' Daylily
Little Sur Manzanita 'Lizzy' Summer Phlox
Lobed Tickseed (spp.) Lobed Tickseed Dwarf
Lobelia 'Fan Scarlet' Lobelia, Big Blue (spp.)
Lobelia, Great Blue (spp.) Lobelia, Great (spp.)
Lobelia: tupa Loblolly Pine (spp.)
Loblolly Pine Dwarf Locustberry
'Lodense' Common Privet Lodgepole Pine
Lodgepole Pine: contorta latifolia Long Leaved Wattle
Long Spined Barrel Cactus Longan
Longleaf Pine 'Longspire' Virginia Sweetspire
Longstalk Holly Longstalk Tickseed 'Flying Saucers ™'
'Lonica' American Arborvitae 'Louise Odier' Rose
'Low Scape® Mound' Black Chokeberry Lowbush Blueberry
Lucky-bean Tree Luiang Spruce
Lupine (spp.) Lupine 'My Castle'
Lupine 'Russell Hybrid' Lupine, Big Leaf (spp.)
Lupine, Big Leaf 'My Castle' Lupine, Big Leaf 'Russell Hybrid'
Lupine: fistulosa