'Campfire' Crassula Canary Island Spurge
Candelabra Aloe (spp.) Candelabra Aloe Variegated
Candelabra Cactus Candelabra Spurge
Candelabra Tree Euphorbia (spp.) Candle, Desert (spp.)
Candle, Desert 'Bright Edge' Candle, Desert 'Color Guard'
Candle, Desert 'Golden Sword' Candle, Desert Variegated
Candy Barrel Cactus Cape Aloe
'Cape Blanco' Stonecrop: spathulifolium Cape Othonna
Capiopoa Carrion Flower
Catepillar Cactus Cathedral Cactus
Cat's Tail Aloe Cauliflower Ears Variegated
Cedros Island Agave Century Plant (spp.)
Century Plant 'Medio' Century Plant Variegated
Century Plant Variegated Century Plant 'White Striped'
Century Plant, Blue Lechuguilla Century Plant, Coastal
Century Plant, Flexible-spinned Century Plant, Hardy
Century Plant, Queen Victoria Century Plant, Small-Flowered
Century Plant, Spineless (spp.) Century Plant, Spineless 'Nova'
Century Plant, Weber's Century Plant: americana expansa
Century Plant: cerulata Century Plant: cerulata cerulata
Century Plant: cerulata dentiens Century Plant: cerulata subcerulata
Century Plant: colorata Century Plant: deserti deserti
Century Plant: deserti pringlei Century Plant: difformis
Century Plant: franzosinii Century Plant: gigantensis
Century Plant: gypsophila Century Plant: hurteri
Century Plant: lechuguilla Century Plant: macroculmis
Century Plant: maximiliana katherinae Century Plant: multifilifera
Century Plant: murpheyi Century Plant: ocahui
Century Plant: palmeri Century Plant: salmiana
Century Plant: stricta Cephalophyllum
Cereus, Night Blooming Ceylon Bowstring Hemp
Chain of Hearts Chainfruit Cholla
'Chameleon' Euphorbia Chandelier Plant
Chaparral Prickly Pear Cheiridopsis
Cheiridopsis: cigarettifera Cheiridopsis: denticulata
Chende Chenille Plant: pulvinata
Chin Cactus Chin Cactus: multiflorum
Chinese Jade Chinese Rubber Plant Variegated
Chinese Sedum Chirinole
Cholla Cactus (spp.) Cholla Cactus 'True Burbank Thornless'
Cholla Cactus: echinocarpa Cholla Cactus: invicta
Cholla Cactus: kelvinensis Cholla Cactus: prolifera
Cholla, Buckhorn Cholla, Chainfruit
Cholla, Coastal Cholla, Diamond
Cholla, Munz Cholla, Silver
Cholla, Tuna Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cheers Christmas Kalanchoe
Cinnamon Cactus Clavelina Cactus
'Cleveland Morgan' Hen and Chickens Cliff Maids (spp.)
Cliff Maids 'Ashwood Strain' Climbing Aloe