Scotch Kale (spp.) Scotch Kale 'Nagoya Purple'
Scotch Kale 'Nagoya Red' Scotch Kale 'Nagoya White'
Scotch Kale 'Red Peacock' Scotch Kale 'Redbor'
Scotch Kale 'White Peacock' Sedum, Spreading
Siberian Wallflower 'Sicillian' Sweet Marjoram
Silver Dollar (spp.) Silver Dollar 'Honesty'
Silver Mullein (spp.) Silver Mullein 'Arctic Summer'
Silver Sage Six Week Grass
Smallage 'Sonora' Black-eyed Susan
'Sorbet Orange Duet' Horned Violet Spreading Sedum
Spreading Stonecrop St. Mary's Thistle
Star of Persia Stepmother's Flower (spp.)
Stepmother's Flower 'Bingo Blue Frost' Stepmother's Flower 'Crown Golden'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Blue' Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Red'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Yellow' Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Golden Yellow'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Purple & White' Stepmother's Flower 'JokerŽ Rot-Gold'
Stepmother's Flower 'Jolly JokerŽ' Stepmother's Flower 'Universal Orange Plus'
Stonecrop, Spreading Strawberry Foxglove
Summer Forget-Me-Not (spp.) 'Summer Memories' Hollyhock
'Summer Sorbet' Mullein Sweet Marjoram 'Compactum'
Sweet Marjoram 'Sicillian' Sweet William (spp.)
Sweet William 'Double Dwarf' Sweet William 'Indian Carpet'
Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' Tall Mallow 'Zebrina'
'Tasso Strawberries & Cream' English Daisy 'Tasso White' English Daisy
Teasel, Common Teasel, Wild
Texas Bluebell (spp.) Thistle, Blessed
Thistle, Boar Thistle, Bull
Thistle, Holy Thistle, Milk
Thistle, St. Mary's Three-lobed Coneflower
Torches 'TotoŽ' Black-eyed Susan
Tower of Jewels Tree Mallow 'Zebrina'
Tufted Evening Primrose Tufted Pansy 'Jupiter'
Tufted Pansy 'Sorbet Orange Duet' Tulip Gentian (spp.)
Turnip-Rooted Celery 'Universal Orange Plus' Pansy
Velvet Plant: thapsus Violet, Horned 'Jupiter'
Violet, Horned 'Sorbet Orange Duet' Wallflower (spp.)
Wallflower 'Fire King' Wallflower, Siberian
White Chaix Mullein 'White Peacock' Flowering Kale
Wild Carrot Wild Celery
Wild Parsnip Wild Teasel
Willow Foxglove 'Zebrina' French Hollyhock
'Zebrina' Tree Mallow