Pot Marigold (spp.) Pot Marigold 'Alpha'
Pot Marigold 'Ball's Gold' Pot Marigold 'Bon Bon Apricot'
Pot Marigold 'Bon Bon Orange' Pot Marigold 'Bon Bon Yellow'
Pot Marigold 'Coffee Cream' Pot Marigold 'Fiesta Gitana'
Pot Marigold 'Greenheart Orange' Pot Marigold 'Indian Prince'
Pot Marigold 'Kablouna' Pot Marigold 'Pacific Beauty'
Pot Marigold 'Pink Surprise' Pot Marigold 'Porcupine'
Pot Marigold 'Princess Black Centered Orange' Pot Marigold 'Resina'
Potato 'Norland' Potato, Irish 'Norland'
Potato, White 'Norland' Prairie Gentian 'Blue Lisa'
Prairie Gentian 'Forever Blue' Prairie Gentian 'Yodel Blue'
'Prestige Scarlet' Crested Celosia 'Pretty in Rose' Madagascar Periwinkle
Prickly Poppy 'Primetime Plum' Garden Petunia
'Primetime Rose' Garden Petunia Primrose, German (spp.)
Primrose, Poison (spp.) Primrose, Top (spp.)
Prince of Wales Feather 'Pygmy Torch' Prince's Feather 'Pygmy Torch'
'Princess Black Centered Orange' Pot Marigold Princess Flower, Large Leaf
Princess Flower, Silver Leaf 'Prism Sunshine' Garden Petunia
'Profusion Cherry' Zinnia 'Profusion Orange' Zinnia
'Profusion White' Zinnia Prophet, Weather
Prostrate Spurge Punch Bowl Godetia
'Pure Beauty Fuchsia' New Guinea Impatiens 'Purple Fields' Garden Ageratum
'Purple Majesty' Millet Purple Net Toadflax 'Crown Jewels'
'Purple Queen' Spider Plant: hassleriana 'Purple Ruffles' Sweet Basil
Purple Sage: leucantha (spp.) 'Purple Wave™' Garden Petunia
'Purple with purple leaves' Crested Celosia Purslane 'Fairytale Cinderella'
Purslane 'Yubi Apricot' Purslane 'Yubi Lemon Yellow'
Purslane, Milk Purslane, Summer (spp.)
Purslane, Summer 'Duet Yellow' Purslane, Summer 'Wildfire'
Pussley (spp.) Pussley 'Duet Yellow'
Pussley 'Wildfire' 'Pygmy Torch' Prince's Feather
'Quartz Burgundy' Verbena Queen Anne's Lace
'Queen of Night' Hybrid Tulip 'Queen Sophia' French Marigold
'Queeny Purple' Hollyhock 'Quilled Petals Mix' Black-eyed Susan
Rabbit Bush Rabbit Tail Grass
'Rachels Gold' Garden Sage 'Ragin Cajin' Red Ruellia
Ragweed, Annual Ragweed, Giant
Ragweed, Great Ram's Horn
'Read's Blue' Blue Marguerite 'Red Ace' Diascia
Red Cabbage 'Busaro' Red Cabbage 'Kohlrabi'
Red Cuphea 'Red Fox Red' Bedding Verbena
Red Fox 'Flamingo' 'Red Kewpie' Plume Celosia
Red Larkspur (spp.) Red Leaf Hibiscus (spp.)
Red Leaf Hibiscus 'Coppertone (Red Shield)' Red Leaf Hibiscus 'Jungle Red'
Red Millet 'Purple Majesty' Red Morning Glory: coccinea
Red Nerve Plant Red Pepper 'Black Pearl'
Red Pepper 'Carmen' Red Pepper 'Chilly Chili'
Red Pepper 'Explosive Ember' Red Pepper 'Explosive Ignite'
Red Pepper 'Marbles' Red Pepper 'Mariachi'
Red Pepper 'Melody' 'Red Plume' Blanket Flower: pulchella
'Red Riding Hood' Dahlia 'Red Rubin' Sweet Basil
Red Ruellia (spp.) Red Ruellia 'Ragin Cajin'
'Red Sea' Garden Ageratum 'Red Threads' Joseph's Coat: Alternanthera
Red Vein Flowering Maple 'Gold Dust' Red Vein Indian Mallow 'Gold Dust'
'Red Velvet' Crested Celosia