Squash: pepo Squill
Squill, Portuguese Squill, Siberian
Squill, Silver (spp.) Squill: bifolia
Squirrel Fern Squirrel's Foot Fern
Squirreltail Barley Squirting Cucumber
St. Augustine Grass Variegated St. Catherine's Lace
St. James Lily 'Superba' St. John's Lily
'St. Louis Gold' Waterlily St. Martin's Flower (spp.)
St. Peter's Palm (spp.) St. Peter's Palm 'Bright Edge'
St. Peter's Palm 'Color Guard' St. Peter's Palm 'Golden Sword'
St. Peter's Palm Variegated St.Johnswort, Bushy
Staghorn Fern Staghorn Fern: elephantotis
Staghorn Fern: grande Staghorn Fern: superbum
Stalked Aeonium Star Cactus
Star Cactus: reinwardtii reinwardtii Star Cluster (spp.)
Star Cluster 'Buderin Blue' Star Cluster 'Longwood Pink'
Star Cluster 'New LookŪ Pink' Star Cluster 'New LookŪ Rosa'
Star Cluster 'Ruby Glow' Star Cluster 'Stars & Stripes'
Star Cluster Variegated Star Cluster, Egyptian (spp.)
Star Cluster, Egyptian 'Buderin Blue' Star Cluster, Egyptian 'Longwood Pink'
Star Cluster, Egyptian 'New LookŪ Pink' Star Cluster, Egyptian 'New LookŪ Rosa'
Star Cluster, Egyptian 'Ruby Glow' Star Cluster, Egyptian 'Stars & Stripes'
Star Cluster, Egyptian Variegated 'Star Dream Violet' Bedding Verbena
Star Grass 'Austrailia' Star Grass 'Santa Ana'
Star Grass: colorata Star Grass: hirsuta
Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem: oligophyllum
Star of Bethlehem: umbellatum Star of Lundi
Star of Persia 'Starburst' Hardy Ice Plant
'Stardust Mix' Madagascar Periwinkle 'Stardust Orchid' Madagascar Periwinkle
'Stardust Salmon' Double Impatiens 'Starfire' Summer Phlox
Starfish Flower Starfish Flower, Giant
Starflower, Spring (spp.) Starflower, Spring 'Rolf Fiedler'
Starflower, Spring 'Wisley Blue' Starflower: peduncularis
'Stargazer' Asiatic Lily Stargrass, Yellow
'Starker Yellow Leaf' Hosta 'Starlette Trailing Pink' Trailing Petunia
Starplant 'Starry Eyes' Navelwort
'Stars & Stripes' Star Cluster Statice (spp.)
Statice 'CompindiŪ White' Statice, Annual (spp.)
Statice, Annual 'CompindiŪ White' Statice, German
Statice, Tartarian Statice: latifolium
Statice: perezii 'Stella d'Oro' Daylily
Stemless Gentian Stepladder Ginger
Stepladder Plant Stepmother's Flower (spp.)
Stepmother's Flower 'Bingo Blue Frost' Stepmother's Flower 'Crown Golden'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Blue' Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Red'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Yellow' Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Golden Yellow'
Stepmother's Flower 'Fancy Purple & White' Stepmother's Flower 'JokerŪ Rot-Gold'
Stepmother's Flower 'Jolly JokerŪ' Stepmother's Flower 'Universal Orange Plus'
'Sterling Silver' Common Periwinkle 'Sterntaler' Lanceleaf Tickseed
'Stetson' Hosta