Moth Orchid (spp.) Moth Orchid 'Blandans Kaleidoscope'
Moth Orchid 'Mendenhall' Moth Orchid 'Paula Lawrence'
Moth Orchid 'York' 'Mother of Pearl' Balloon Flower
'Mother of Pearl' Bearded Tongue: Penstemon Mother of Thousands
Mother of Thousands: delagonensis Mother Spleenwort
Mother-in-Law's Seat Mother-in-Law's Tongue (spp.)
Mother-in-Law's Tongue 'Laurentii' Mother-in-Law's Tongue 'Moonshine'
Mother-in-Law's Tongue: zeylanica Mother-of-Thousands Plant
Mother-of-Thyme Thyme Mother-of-Thyme 'Coccineus'
Mother-of-Thyme 'Highland Cream' Mother-of-Thyme 'Pink Chintz'
Mother-of-Thyme 'Purple Beauty' 'Mottled Beauty' Japanese Water Iris
Mottled Spurge Mottled Wild Ginger (spp.)
'Moudry' Chinese Fountain Grass Mount Lemmon Marigold
'Mount Vernon' Daylily Mountain Agave
Mountain Aloe Mountain Aloe: marlothii
Mountain Bamboo Mountain Bluet (spp.)
Mountain Bluet 'Blue' Mountain Bluet 'Gold Bullion'
Mountain Bluet Golden Mountain Bluet White
Mountain Cabbage Tree Mountain Flax
Mountain Fleece (spp.) Mountain Fleece 'Speciosa (Firetail)'
Mountain Fleece 'Taurus' 'Mountain Gold' Basket of Gold
Mountain Iris Mountain Lady's Mantle
Mountain Marigold Mountain Mint, Short Toothed
Mountain Mint, Whiteleaf 'Mountain Mist' Cheddar Pink
Mountain Phlox (spp.) Mountain Phlox 'Apple Blossom'
Mountain Phlox 'Atropurpurea' Mountain Phlox 'Bubblegum'
Mountain Phlox 'Candy Stripes' Mountain Phlox 'Cotton Candy'
Mountain Phlox 'Cracker Jack' Mountain Phlox 'Crimson Beauty'
Mountain Phlox 'Cunningham' Mountain Phlox 'Dirigo Arbutus'
Mountain Phlox 'Emerald Blue' Mountain Phlox 'Emerald Pink'
Mountain Phlox 'Laurel Beth' Mountain Phlox 'Millstream Daphne'
Mountain Phlox 'Oakington Blue Eyes' Mountain Phlox 'Red Wings'
Mountain Phlox 'Scarlet Flame' Mountain Phlox 'Snowflake'
Mountain Phlox 'White Delight' Mountain Rock Rockcress (spp.)
Mountain Rock Rockcress Variegated Mountain Sandwort
Mountain Thistle Mourning Widow Cranesbill 'Lily Lovell'
Mourning Widow Cranesbill 'Purpureum' Mourning Widow Cranesbill 'Samobor'
Mourning Widow 'Lily Lovell' Mourning Widow 'Purpureum'
Mourning Widow 'Samobor' Mouse Ear
Mouse Ear Hawkweed Mouse-Ear Chickweed (spp.)
Mouse-Ear Chickweed 'Yo Yo' Mouse-eared Coreopsis (spp.)
Mouse-eared Coreopsis Dwarf Mouse-eared Coreopsis 'Zamphir'
Moutan Peony (spp.) Moutan Peony 'Amber Moon'
Moutan Peony 'Hanakisoi' Moutan Peony 'Hephestos'
Moutan Peony 'Hoki' Moutan Peony 'Kinshi'
Moutan Peony 'Roman Gold' Moutan Peony 'Sahohime'
Moutan Peony 'Spring Carnival' Moutan Peony 'Thunderbolt'
Moutan Peony 'Yagumo' 'Mr. Fokker' Poppy Anemone