Cast Iron Plant Castor Bean (spp.)
Castor Bean 'Carmencita' Castor Bean 'Impala'
Castor Bean 'Zanzibariensis' Castor Oil Plant (spp.)
Castor Oil Plant 'Carmencita' Castor Oil Plant 'Impala'
Castor Oil Plant 'Zanzibariensis' Catchfly
Catchfly, Arkwright's 'Orange Gnome' Catchfly, Arkwright's 'Vesuvius'
Catchfly: latifolia Catchfly: polypetala
Catepillar Cactus Catesbey's Pitcher Plant
Cathedral Cactus Cathedral Window
'Cathedral Windows' Alumroot: Heuchera 'Catherine Marie' Waterlily
'Catherine Neal' Daylily 'Catherine Woodbury' Daylily
'Cathy Stroupe' Waterlily 'Catlin's Giant' Carpet Bugle
Catmint 'Dawn to Dusk' Catmint (spp.)
Catmint 'Blue Wonder' Catmint 'Dropmore'
Catmint 'Six Hills Giant' Catmint 'Snowflake'
Catmint 'Walker's Low' Catmint: sibirica
Catmint: subsessilis Catnip 'Dawn to Dusk'
Catnip, Siberian Cats Ears 'Rubra'
Cat's Tail Aloe Cat's Tail, Red-Hot
Cat's Whiskers: spicatus Cattail, Broadleaf
Cattail, Graceful Dwarf Cattail, Miniature
Cattail, Narrow Leaved 'Cattleya' Astilbe
Caucasian Comfrey Caucasian Leopardsbane (spp.)
Caucasian Leopardsbane 'Little Leo' Caucasian Spurge
Cauliflower Ears Variegated Cayenne Jasmine (spp.)
Cayenne Jasmine 'First Kiss Blueberry' Cayenne Jasmine 'Parasol'
Cayenne Jasmine 'Pastels Mix' Cayenne Jasmine 'Pretty in Rose'
Cayenne Jasmine 'Raspberry Cooler' Cayenne Jasmine 'Rose Carpet'
Cayenne Jasmine 'Stardust Mix' Cayenne Jasmine 'Stardust Orchid'
Cayenne Pepper 'Black Pearl' Cayenne Pepper 'Blushing Beauty'
Cayenne Pepper 'Carmen' Cayenne Pepper 'Chilly Chili'
Cayenne Pepper 'Explosive Ember' Cayenne Pepper 'Explosive Ignite'
Cayenne Pepper 'Marbles' Cayenne Pepper 'Mariachi'
Cayenne Pepper 'Melody' 'Cecilia Lee' Dead Nettle
Cedros Island Agave Celandine
Celandine Poppy Celandine, Greater
'Celebrette Light Coral' New Guinea Impatiens Celeriac
Celery, Turnip-Rooted Celery, Wild
Celosia (spp.) 'Centurion Sky Blue' Delphinium: cultorumhybrid
Century Plant (spp.) Century Plant 'Medio'
Century Plant Variegated Century Plant Variegated
Century Plant 'White Striped' Century Plant, Blue Lechuguilla
Century Plant, Coastal Century Plant, Flexible-spinned
Century Plant, Hardy Century Plant, Queen Victoria
Century Plant, Small-Flowered Century Plant, Spineless (spp.)
Century Plant, Spineless 'Nova' Century Plant, Weber's
Century Plant: americana expansa Century Plant: cerulata
Century Plant: cerulata cerulata Century Plant: cerulata dentiens
Century Plant: cerulata subcerulata Century Plant: colorata
Century Plant: deserti deserti Century Plant: deserti pringlei
Century Plant: difformis Century Plant: franzosinii
Century Plant: gigantensis Century Plant: gypsophila
Century Plant: hurteri Century Plant: lechuguilla
Century Plant: macroculmis Century Plant: maximiliana katherinae
Century Plant: multifilifera Century Plant: murpheyi
Century Plant: ocahui Century Plant: palmeri
Century Plant: salmiana Century Plant: stricta