Ladies Delight (spp.) Ladies Delight 'Bingo Blue Frost'
Ladies Delight 'Crown Golden' Ladies Delight 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Blue'
Ladies Delight 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Red' Ladies Delight 'Fancy Dark-Eyed Yellow'
Ladies Delight 'Fancy Golden Yellow' Ladies Delight 'Fancy Purple & White'
Ladies Delight 'Joker® Rot-Gold' Ladies Delight 'Jolly Joker®'
Ladies Delight 'Universal Orange Plus' 'Lady Elizabeth™' Daylily
'Lady Fair' Daylily Lady Fern (spp.)
Lady Fern 'Veronica-Cristata' Lady Fern: dilatatum
'Lady Georgia' Daylily 'Lady in Black' Calico Aster
'Lady in Blue' Bushy Aster 'Lady in Red' Scarlet Sage
'Lady Jane' Anthurium Lady of the Night
Lady Tulip Lady Tulip: clusiana chrysantha
Ladybells Ladybells, Lilyleaf
Ladybells: stricta 'Ladybird Scarlet' Sulphur Cosmos
Ladyfinger Cactus Lady's Finger (spp.)
Lady's Finger 'Burgundy' Lady's Finger 'Little Lucy'
Lady's Fingers Lady's Leek
Lady's Mantle (spp.) Lady's Mantle 'Thriller'
Lady's Mantle, Alpine Lady's Mantle, Dwarf
Lady's Mantle, Mountain Lady's Mantle, Red-stemmed
Lady's Mantle, Silver Lady's Mantle: xanthochlora
Lady's Slipper 'Agincourt' Lady's Slipper, Pink
Lady's Slipper, Showy Lady's Slipper, Yellow
Lady's Sorrel 'Lucky Gold' Lady's Tresses, Nodding
Ladyslipper Orchid 'Lakeside Cha Cha' Hosta
Lamb's Ears (spp.) Lamb's Ears 'Big Ears'
Lamb's Ears 'Helen von Stein' Lamb's Ears: byzantinum
Lambstongue Trout Lily 'Lance Corporal' Knotweed: virginianum
Lance Leaf Marguerite (spp.) Lanceleaf Coreopsis (spp.)
Lanceleaf Coreopsis 'Baby Sun' Lanceleaf Coreopsis 'Goldfink'
Lanceleaf Coreopsis 'Sterntaler' Lanceleaf Stonecrop
Lanceleaf Thermopsis Lanceleaf Tickseed (spp.)
Lanceleaf Tickseed 'Baby Sun' Lanceleaf Tickseed 'Goldfink'
Lanceleaf Tickseed 'Sterntaler' 'Lanceolatus' Butcher's Broom
'Langtrees ('Aluminum Spot')' Siberian Bugloss 'Langtrees' Siberian Bugloss
Lantern, Chinese Large Blue Hair Grass
Large Blue June Grass Large Bullwort
Large Cocklebur Large Flower Wakerobin
Large Flowered Aubrietia Large Flowered Bellwort
Large Flowered Calamint (spp.) Large Flowered Calamint Variegated
Large Flowered Trillium 'Large Green Globe' Artichoke
Large Leaf Princess Flower Large Lipped Encyclia
Large Masterwort Large Periwinkle (spp.)
Large Periwinkle 'Even Steven' Large Periwinkle 'Gold Vein'
Large Periwinkle Variegated Large Petal Clematis 'Markham's Pink'
Large Self Heal (spp.) Large Self Heal 'Loveliness'
Large Whorled Pogonia Orchid Large Wormwood 'Powis Castle'
Large Yellow Foxglove Large-Flowered Bluestar