'Oso Easy® Lemon Zest' Rose 'Oso Easy® Mango Salsa' Rose
'Oso Easy™ Fragrant Spreader' Rose 'Oso Happy® Petit Pink' Rose
'Oso Happy® Smoothie' Rose Oven's Wattle 'Golden Carpet'
Pachysandra Variegated Pachysandra, Japanese Variegated
'Pagei' Hebe Parrot Leaf: ficoidea 'Party Time'
'Parsley Crested' English Ivy Parsons Juniper (spp.)
Parsons Juniper 'Expansa' Parsons Juniper 'Expansa Variegata'
Partridgefoot 'Party Time' Joseph's Coat: ficoidea
'Patricia' English Ivy Perennial Flax 'Nanum Sapphire'
Periwinkle, Big 'Gold Vein' Periwinkle, Bigleaf 'Gold Vein'
Periwinkle, Greater 'Gold Vein' Periwinkle, Large 'Gold Vein'
Perry Manzanita Persian Ivy (spp.)
Persian Ivy 'Dentata Variegata' Persian Ivy 'Trabzon'
'Petite Red' Flame of the Woods 'Pfitzeriana Compacta' Chinese Juniper
Philodendron 'Pluto' Philodendron 'Xanadu'
'Picos' Purple Gromwell Pieris, Mountain
Pig Laurel 'Royal Dwarf' Pinatoro
Pine, Cow's Tail 'Prostrata' Pine, Eastern White 'Minima'
Pine, Mount Mawson Pine, Mountain 'Valley Cushion'
Pine, Mugo 'Valley Cushion' Pine, Scotch 'Hillside Creeper'
Pine, Scotch 'Saxafilis' Pine, Scots 'Hillside Creeper'
Pine, Scots 'Saxafilis' Pine, Tasman Dwarf
Pine, White 'Minima' Pine-mat Manzanita 'Chipeta'
Pink Fairy Duster Pipestem
Plum Yew, Japanese 'Prostrata' 'Plumosa Compacta' Creeping Juniper
'Plumosa Compacta Wilms' Creeping Juniper 'Plumosa Compressa' Sawara Cypress
'Plumosa' Creeping Juniper 'Pluto' Philodendron
Podocarp, Tasmanian Pohinahina (spp.)
Pohinahina 'Wild Korea' 'Point Reyes' Manzanita
Point Reyes Ceanothus Point Reyes Creeper
'Polar Star' African Daisy: Osteospermum Pothos Ivy (spp.)
Pothos Ivy 'Tropic Green' Pratia
'Prince of Wales' Creeping Juniper 'Procumbens' Norway Spruce
'Prostrata' Japanese Plum Yew 'Prostrata' Norway Spruce
Prostrate Acacia 'Prostrate Beauty' Korean Fir
'Prostrate Blue Mist' Colorado Spruce Prostrate Tea Tree
'Prostratum Pink Cascade' New Zealand Tea Tree 'Prostratus' Rosemary
'Pumila Nigra' Norway Spruce Purple Gromwell 'Heavenly Blue'
Purple Gromwell 'Picos' Pyracantha 'Santa Cruz'
Pyracantha: hybrid 'Red Cushion' Quail Berry
'Quicksilver' Hebe 'Radiant' Manzanita
'Rainbow' Drooping Agarista 'Ralf' English Ivy
'Razzle Dazzle' Rock Rose: Helianthemum Red Barberry 'Kobold'
Red Barberry 'Sparkle' Red Barberry 'Thornless'
Red Cedar, Burk Eastern 'Kosteri' Red Cedar, Burk Eastern 'Tripartita'
Red Cedar, Colorado 'Horizontalis' Red Cedar, Colorado 'Repens'
Red Cedar, Colorado 'Silver King' Red Cedar, Eastern 'Kosteri'
Red Cedar, Eastern 'Tripartita' Red Cedar, Silver Eastern 'Kosteri'
Red Cedar, Silver Eastern 'Tripartita' 'Red Cushion' Firethorn: hybrid
'Red Edge' Hebe: hybrid 'Red Lion' Japanese Holly