Red Angel's Trumpet 'Red' Autumn Sage
Red Band Dracaena Red Barberry (spp.)
Red Barberry 'Atropurpurea' Red Barberry 'Atropurpurea Nana'
Red Barberry 'Bailtwo (Burgundy Carousel™ )' Red Barberry 'Concorde'
Red Barberry Dwarf Golden Red Barberry 'Gentry's Royal Burgandy'
Red Barberry 'Gold Beret' Red Barberry 'Gold Pillar'
Red Barberry 'Gold Rim' Red Barberry Golden
Red Barberry 'Green Carpet' Red Barberry 'Green Ornament'
Red Barberry 'Harlequin' Red Barberry 'Kasia (Sunjoy® Mini Saffron)'
Red Barberry 'Kelleriis' Red Barberry 'Kobold'
Red Barberry 'Mimi (Sunjoy® Mini Salsa)' Red Barberry 'Red Carpet'
Red Barberry 'Sparkle' Red Barberry 'Sunjoy® Cinnamon'
Red Barberry 'Sunjoy® Citrus' Red Barberry 'Sunjoy® Syrah'
Red Barberry 'Sunjoy® Tangelo' Red Barberry 'Thornless'
Red Bird of Paradise Red Bottlebrush (spp.)
Red Bottlebrush 'Anzac' Red Bottlebrush 'Hannah Ray'
Red Bottlebrush 'Splendens' Red Carabeen
'Red Carpet' Japanese Barberry Red Cedar, Burk Eastern 'Grey Owl'
Red Cedar, Burk Eastern 'Tripartita' Red Cedar, Eastern 'Grey Owl'
Red Cedar, Eastern 'Tripartita' Red Cedar, Silver Eastern 'Grey Owl'
Red Cedar, Silver Eastern 'Tripartita' Red Chokeberry (spp.)
Red Chokeberry 'Brilliantissima' Red Clusterberry
Red Currant 'White Grape' 'Red Cushion' Firethorn: hybrid
'Red Dagmar' Rugose Rose Red Datura
Red Edged Dracaena Red Elderberry 'Lemony Lace™'
Red Elderberry 'Plumosa Aurea' Red Elderberry 'Sutherland Gold'
Red Elderberry 'Tenuifolia' Red Escallonia
Red Fairy Duster Red Flag Bush
Red Flowering Currant 'Brocklebankii' Red Flowering Currant 'King Edward VII'
'Red Gold' Rose Red Gum 'Globe'
Red Gum 'Gumball (Lollipop)' 'Red Heart' Rose of Sharon
'Red Hooks' Spider Flower Red Hot Cat's Tail (spp.)
'Red Jade' Flowering Crabapple 'Red Jewel™' Flowering Crabapple
Red Justicia Red Mangrove
Red Margined Dracaena Red Nerve Plant: macdougalii
Red Osier Dogwood 'Arctic Fire™' Red Osier Dogwood 'Baileyi'
Red Osier Dogwood 'Kelseys Gold' Red Osier Dogwood 'Neil Z (Pucker Up!®)'
Red Pearlbush 'Red Pencil Tree' Pencil Tree
Red Pine 'Don Smith' Red Pokers
'Red Prince' Old Fashioned Weigela Red Pseuderanthemum
'Red Rascel' Rose Red Raspberry
Red Snakeweed Variegated Red Sorrel
Red Spider Flower Red Spider Flower Grevillea
Red Spurge 'Red Star' Cabbage Tree
Red Swamp Banksia Red Sweet Gum 'Globe'
Red Sweet Gum 'Gumball (Lollipop)' 'Red Tip' Gallberry Holly
Red Tip Photinia 'Pink Marble™' Red Twig Dogwood 'Arctic Fire™'
Red Twig Dogwood 'Baileyi' Red Twig Dogwood 'Kelseys Gold'
Red Twig Dogwood 'Neil Z (Pucker Up!®)' Red Vein Flowering Maple (spp.)
Red Vein Flowering Maple 'Gold Dust' Red Vein Flowering Maple 'Thompsonii'
Red Vein Indian Mallow (spp.) Red Vein Indian Mallow 'Gold Dust'
Red Vein Indian Mallow 'Thompsonii' 'Red Wine' Preston Lilac