Texas Ash Texas Bluebell (spp.)
Texas Bluebell 'Blue Lisa' Texas Bluebell 'Forever Blue'
Texas Bluebell 'Yodel Blue' Texas Bluebonnet
Texas Buckeye Texas Clematis 'Duchess of Albany'
Texas Dandelion 'Texas Dawn' Waterlily
Texas Ebony Texas Elbow Bush
'Texas Fire' Hybrid Tulip Texas Forsythia
Texas Gold Columbine 'Texas Longleaf' Confederate Jasmine
Texas Madrone Texas Mountain Laurel
Texas Oak Texas Palmetto
Texas Persimmon Texas Privet (spp.)
Texas Privet 'Curly Leaf' 'Texas Purple' Japanese Wisteria
Texas Ranger (spp.) Texas Ranger 'Compactum'
Texas Red Oak (spp.) Texas Red Oak 'Highpoint®'
Texas Redbud (spp.) Texas Sage (spp.)
Texas Sage 'Compactum' Texas Sage: coccinea (spp.)
Texas Sage: coccinea 'Lady in Red' Texas Sage: greggii (spp.)
Texas Sage: greggii 'Chiffon' Texas Sage: greggii 'Moonlight'
Texas Sage: greggii 'Purple' Texas Sage: greggii 'Raspberry Ripple'
Texas Sage: greggii 'Red' Texas Sage: greggii 'San Isidro Moon'
'Texas Scarlet' Flowering Quince 'Texas Shell Pink' Waterlily
Texas Sophora Texas Star (spp.)
Texas Star: coccineus 'Texas Sunlight' Daylily
Texas Swampmallow 'Texas White' Oklahoma Redbud
Texas Wild Olive Thai Basil (spp.)
Thai Basil 'Cinnamon' Thai Basil 'Citriodorum'
Thai Basil 'Crispum' Thai Basil 'Dark Opal'
Thai Basil 'Kasar' Thai Basil 'Purple Ruffles'
Thai Basil 'Red Rubin' Thai Basil 'Siam Queen'
Thai Basil 'Spicy Globe' 'Thai Silk' California Poppy
Thalia, Indian Bayou Powdery 'Thanksgiving' American Holly
Thanksgiving Cactus Thatch Palm
Thatch Palm: campestris Thatch Palm: crinita
Thatch Palm: cupularis Thatching Reed
'Thayerae' Anglojapanese Yew The Beacon Yarrow
'The Bishop' Japanese Maple 'The Blues' Blue Stem Grass
'The Bride' Pearlbush 'The Bride' Poppy Anemone
'The Giant' Showy Colchicum 'The Governor' Lupine
The Grand Crinum The Lines Petal Anacheilium
'The Pearl' Chinese Hibiscus 'The Pearl' Sneezewort
'The President' Sacred Lotus 'The Rocket' Narrow-Spiked Ligularia
'The Sun' Blanket Flower: grandiflorahybrid 'The Swan' Panicle Hydrangea
'The Times Rose' Rose 'The Watchman' Hollyhock
'Theresa' Florist's Chrysanthemum 'Therese Bauer' Rose
Thermopsis, Carolina Thermopsis, Lanceleaf
Thick Leaf Phlox 'Bill Baker' Thimbleberry
Thimbleweed, Tall Thinleaf Alder 'Cut Leaf'
Thinleaf Alder Weeping Thin-leaved Bilbery