Red-barked Dogwood 'Argenteo-Marginata' Red-barked Dogwood 'Bud's Yellow'
Red-barked Dogwood 'Kesselringii' Red-barked Dogwood 'Spaethii'
Redbay Redberry Stopper
'Redbor' Flowering Kale Redbud (spp.)
Redbud 'Appalachia' Redbud 'Flame'
Redbud 'Forest Pansy' Redbud 'Hearts of Gold'
Redbud 'JN2 (The Rising Sun™)' Redbud 'Royal White'
Redbud 'Silver Cloud' Redbud 'Wither's Pink Charm'
Redbud, Afgan Redbud, California
Redbud, Chinese (spp.) Redbud, Chinese 'Shirobana'
Redbud, Chinese White Redbud, Eastern (spp.)
Redbud, Eastern 'Appalachia' Redbud, Eastern 'Flame'
Redbud, Eastern 'Forest Pansy' Redbud, Eastern 'Hearts of Gold'
Redbud, Eastern 'JN2 (The Rising Sun™)' Redbud, Eastern 'Royal White'
Redbud, Eastern 'Silver Cloud' Redbud, Eastern 'Wither's Pink Charm'
Redbud, Giant Redbud, Giant Leaf
Redbud, Griffith's Redbud, Mexican
Redbud, Oklahoma 'Oklahoma' Redbud, Oklahoma 'Texas White'
Redbud, Smooth Redbud, Texas (spp.)
Redbud, Western Redbud: siliquastrum
Redbud: yunnanensis 'Redell( Red Balloon™)' Viburnum
Redflower Cactus Redflower Cactus: lindheimeri
Red-Hot Cat's Tail Red-Leaf Philodendron 'Imperial Red'
Redleaf Rose 'Redmond' American Linden
Redroot 'Rodeo Lagoon' Redroot (spp.)
Redroot 'Carmel Creeper' Redroot 'Hurricane Point'
Redroot 'Louis Edmunds' Redroot: cuneatus rigidus
Redroot: oliganthus Redroot: oliganthus sorediathus
Redroot: retroflexus Redshanks
'Redspire' Callery Pear 'Redstart' Photinia
Red-stemmed Lady's Mantle Redvein Enkianthus
Redvein Maple Red-White-and-Blue Flower (spp.)
Redwing 'Redwings' Scotch Heather
Redwood, California (spp.) Redwood, California 'Filoli'
Redwood, California 'Prostrata' Redwood, California 'Soquel'
Redwood, Coast (spp.) Redwood, Coast 'Filoli'
Redwood, Coast 'Prostrata' Redwood, Coast 'Soquel'
Redwood, Dawn (spp.) Redwood, Dawn 'Gold Rush'
Redwood, Dawn 'Spire' Redwood, Giant (spp.)
Redwood, Giant Weeping Redwood, Sierra (spp.)
Redwood, Sierra Weeping Reed Grass
Reed Grass: foliosa Reed Palm
Reed, Albertina Thatching Reed, Broom
Reed, Bur Reed, Egyptian Paper (spp.)
Reed, Egyptian Paper 'King Tut®' Reed, Thatching
Reeve's Spirea 'Reevesii' Australian Tea Tree
'Reflections Purple' Garden Petunia Reflexed Dracaena (spp.)
Reflexed Dracaena 'Song of India' Reflexed Dracaena 'Song of Jamaica'
Reflexed Stonecrop 'Angelina' Reflexed Stonecrop 'Blue Spruce'
Refugio Manzanita