'Mallard' Daylily Mallee, Bell-fruited
Mallee, Blue Mallee, Bookleaf
Mallee, Curly Mallee, Fluted horn
Mallee, Formans Mallee, Kruse's
Mallee, Pear-fruited Mallee, Port Lincoln
Mallee, Rose Mallee, Scrub
Mallee, Swamp Mallow 'Bou de Feu'
Mallow 'Coral Reef' Mallow 'Darby'
Mallow 'Kopper King' Mallow 'Lohengrin'
Mallow 'Old Yella' Mallow 'Rose Satin'
Mallow 'Tosca' Mallow 'Turn of the Century'
Mallow 'White Magic' Mallow, African (spp.)
Mallow, African 'Tara's Pink' Mallow, Annual (spp.)
Mallow, Annual 'Novella' Mallow, California Tree
Mallow, Cape (spp.) Mallow, Common 'Zebrina'
Mallow, Cut-leaved (spp.) Mallow, Cut-leaved 'Fastigiata'
Mallow, Desert Mallow, Giant 'Bou de Feu'
Mallow, Giant 'Coral Reef' Mallow, Giant 'Darby'
Mallow, Giant 'Kopper King' Mallow, Giant 'Lohengrin'
Mallow, Giant 'Old Yella' Mallow, Giant 'Rose Satin'
Mallow, Giant 'Tosca' Mallow, Giant 'Turn of the Century'
Mallow, Giant 'White Magic' Mallow, Globe
Mallow, Greater Musk (spp.) Mallow, Greater Musk 'Fastigiata'
Mallow, High 'Zebrina' Mallow, Hollyhock (spp.)
Mallow, Hollyhock 'Fastigiata' Mallow, Island Shrub
Mallow, Jew's (spp.) Mallow, Jew's 'Albaflora'
Mallow, Jew's 'Aureovitla' Mallow, Jew's 'Golden Guinea'
Mallow, Jew's 'Picta' Mallow, Jew's 'Shannon'
Mallow, Marsh Mallow, Musk (spp.)
Mallow, Musk White Mallow, Prairie 'Elsie Heugh'
Mallow, Rose (spp.) Mallow, Rose 'Disco'
Mallow, Rose 'Luna Red' Mallow, Rose 'Southern Belle'
Mallow, Royal (spp.) Mallow, Royal 'Novella'
Mallow, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Superstition
Mallow, Swamp Mallow, Tall 'Zebrina'
Mallow, Tree 'Zebrina' Mallow, Tree 'Pink Beauty'
Mallow, Tree 'Red Rum' Mallow, Tree 'Salmon Beauty'
Mallow, Wax Mallow, White
Mallow, Yellow Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Bou de Feu'
Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Coral Reef' Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Darby'
Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Kopper King' Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Lohengrin'
Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Old Yella' Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Rose Satin'
Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Tosca' Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'Turn of the Century'
Mallow: Hibiscus , Rose 'White Magic' Mallow: moschatus, Musk 'Pacific Scarlet'
Mallow: thuringiaca, Tree 'Barnsley' Mallow: thuringiaca, Tree 'Kew Rose'
Mallow: trimestris, Rose (spp.) Mallow: trimestris, Rose 'Novella'
Maltese Cross 'Orange Gnome' Maltese Cross 'Vesuvius'
Maltese Cross: chalcedonica Malva Rosa
'Mama Mia' Hosta Mammee
Mammee Apple 'Mammoth Russian' Common Sunflower