'Louis Edmunds' Carmel Creeper 'Louise Mercer' Daylily
'Louise Odier' Rose Louisiana Artemisia (spp.)
Louisiana Iris (spp.) Louisiana Iris 'Bayou Shadow'
Louisiana Iris 'Clyde Redmond' Louisiana Iris 'Elene Rockwell'
Louisiana Iris 'Freddie Boy' Louisiana Iris 'Ira Nelson'
Louisiana Iris 'King Creole' Louisiana Iris 'Mary Dunn'
Louisiana Iris 'Pegaletta' Louisiana Iris 'Popsie'
Louisiana Iris 'Professor Claude' Louisiana Iris 'Rich and Famous'
Louisiana Iris 'Sea Wisp' Louisiana Iris 'Town Council'
Louisiana Iris: prismatica Louisiana Phlox (spp.)
Louisiana Phlox 'Blue Moon' Louisiana Phlox Dwarf
Louisiana Phlox 'Montrose' 'Louisiana Red' Copperleaf
Louisiana Sage (spp.) Louisiana Sage 'Silver Queen'
Lousewort, Common Lovage, Garden
'Love and Peace' Rose Love in a Mist
Love Lies Bleeding (spp.) Love Lies Bleeding 'Viridis'
'Love Pat' Hosta Love Restorer
Love-in-a Puff 'Loveliness' Bigflower Self Heal
'Love's Promise' Rose Low Baby's Breath 'Gypsy'
'Low Scape® Mound' Black Chokeberry Low Spear Grass
Lowbush Blueberry Lowland White Fir
'Lowry' Nordmann Fir 'Loyalist' Hosta
'Lozita' Japanese Maple 'Luciana' Waterlily
'Lucifer' Montbretia 'Lucifer™' Old Fashioned Weigela
Lucky Clover 'Lucky Gold' Lady's Sorrel
'Lucky Gold' Wood Sorrel Lucky-bean Tree
Luckynut Luculia, Yunnan
'Lucy Vitols' Hosta Luiang Spruce
'Lulu' Signet Marigold 'Luna Moth' Ginger Lily
'Luna Red' Rose Mallow 'Luna' Witchhazel: intermediahybrid
Lundi Star Lungwort (spp.)
Lungwort 'Lewis Palmer' Lungwort, Blue (spp.)
Lungwort, Cowslip (spp.) Lungwort, Long Leafed 'Bertram Anderson'
Lungwort, Long Leafed 'Cevennensis' Lungwort, Long Leafed 'Diana Clare'
Lungwort, Long Leafed 'Excalibur' Lungwort: hybrid 'Cotton Cool'
Lungwort: hybrid 'Dark Vader' Lungwort: hybrid 'Emerald Isles'
Lungwort: hybrid 'High Contrast' Lungwort: hybrid 'Majesty'
Lungwort: hybrid 'May Bouquet' Lungwort: hybrid 'Opal'
Lungwort: hybrid 'Raspberry Ice' Lungwort: hybrid 'Raspberry Splash'
Lungwort: hybrid 'Silver Streamers' Lungwort: hybrid 'Trevi Fountain'
Lungwort: hybrid 'Victorian Brooch' Lungwort: montana 'David Ward'
Lungwort: officinalis 'Sissinghurst White' Lupine (spp.)
Lupine 'My Castle' Lupine 'Popsicle'
Lupine 'Russell Hybrid' Lupine 'The Governor'
Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Big Leaf (spp.)
Lupine, Big Leaf 'My Castle' Lupine, Big Leaf 'Popsicle'
Lupine, Big Leaf 'Russell Hybrid' Lupine, Big Leaf 'The Governor'
Lupine, Carolina Lupine, Hollowleaf Annual
Lupine, Succulent Lupine: fistulosa