Lilac Cranesbill 'Gravetye' Lilac Flowered Honeysuckle
Lilac 'Lark Song' Lilac Sage 'Purple Rain'
'Lilac Sunday' Chinese Lilac Lilac Vine (spp.)
Lilac Vine 'Happy Wanderer' 'Lilac Wonder' Tulip
Lilac 'Ami Schott' Lilac 'Arch McKean'
Lilac 'Atheline Wilbur' Lilac 'Betsy Ross'
Lilac 'Bloomerang® Dark Purple' Lilac 'Buffon'
Lilac 'Clarks Giant' Lilac 'Ester Staley'
Lilac 'Firmament' Lilac 'Florea'
Lilac 'George Eastman' Lilac 'Josee'
Lilac 'Nike' Lilac 'Penda (Bloomerang® Purple)'
Lilac 'Prairie Petite' Lilac 'Scent and Sensibility® Pink'
Lilac 'Silver King' Lilac 'Tinkerbelle™'
Lilac 'Vulcan' Lilac, Canadian 'Coral'
Lilac, Canadian 'James Macfarlane' Lilac, Canadian 'Minuet'
Lilac, Canadian 'Miss Canada' Lilac, Canadian 'Red Wine'
Lilac, Catalina Mountain (spp.) Lilac, Catalina Mountain 'Trewithen Blue'
Lilac, Chinese 'Lavender Lady' Lilac, Chinese 'Lilac Sunday'
Lilac, Common (spp.) Lilac, Common 'Adelaide Dunbar'
Lilac, Common 'Agincourt Beauty' Lilac, Common 'Beauty of Moscow'
Lilac, Common 'Bridal Memories' Lilac, Common 'Charles Jolly'
Lilac, Common 'Edward Gardner' Lilac, Common 'Ellen Willmott'
Lilac, Common 'Fuerst Liechtenstein' Lilac, Common 'Glory'
Lilac, Common 'Katherine Havemeyer' Lilac, Common 'Macrostachya'
Lilac, Common 'Mme. Lemoine' Lilac, Common 'Pres. Grevy'
Lilac, Common 'President Lincoln' Lilac, Common 'Primrose'
Lilac, Common 'Prof. E. H. Wilson' Lilac, Common 'Romance'
Lilac, Common 'Ruhn Von Horstenstein' Lilac, Common 'Sensation'
Lilac, Common 'Tita' Lilac, Cutleaf
Lilac, Dwarf (spp.) Lilac, Dwarf 'Palibin'
Lilac, Hungarian 'Royalty' Lilac, Japanese Tree (spp.)
Lilac, Japanese Tree 'Ivory Silk' Lilac, Japanese Tree 'Summer Snow'
Lilac, Korean Early (spp.) Lilac, Korean Early 'Cheyenne'
Lilac, Korean 'Miss Kim' Lilac, Late
Lilac, Manchurian 'Miss Kim' Lilac, Pekin (spp.)
Lilac, Pekin 'China Snow®' Lilac, Pekin Weeping
Lilac, Persian Lilac, Preston 'Coral'
Lilac, Preston 'James Macfarlane' Lilac, Preston 'Minuet'
Lilac, Preston 'Miss Canada' Lilac, Preston 'Red Wine'
Lilac, Summer 'Butterfly Heaven' Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® Pink'
Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® Violet' Lilac, Summer 'InSpired® White'
Lilac, Summer 'Lo & Behold® Lilac Chip' Lilac, Summer 'Summer Skies'
Lilac, West Indian Lilac, Wild (spp.)
Lilac, Wild 'Carmel Creeper' Lilac, Wild 'Hurricane Point'
Lilac, Wild 'Louis Edmunds' Lilac: hyacinthiflorahybrid 'Anabel'
Lilac: hyacinthiflorahybrid 'Asessippi' Lilac: hyacinthiflorahybrid 'Excel'
Lilac: hyacinthiflorahybrid 'Maiden's Blush' Lilac: hyacinthiflorahybrid 'Pocahontas'
Lilac: oblata giraldii 'Lilacina' Bigleaf Hydrangea
Lilies, Leopard Golden 'Lillian Gibson' Rose
'Lilliput' Lily of the Nile: Agapanthus Lilly, Kaffir (spp.)
Lilly, Kaffir 'Jacqueline' Lillypilly, Small-leaved
Lilly-Pilly, Weeping