Flame Azalea Flame Bottletree
'Flame' Eastern Redbud Flame Nettle (spp.)
Flame Nettle 'ColorBlaze® Dipt in Wine' Flame Nettle 'Gay's Delight'
Flame Nettle 'India Frills' Flame Nettle 'Kong Rose'
Flame Nettle 'Mars' Flame Nettle 'Micawpy'
Flame Nettle 'Victoria Ruffles' Flame Nettle 'Wizard™ Golden'
Flame Nettle 'Wizard™ Jade' Flame Nettle 'Wizard™ Mix'
Flame of the Woods (spp.) Flame of the Woods 'Nora Grant'
Flame of the Woods 'Petite Red' 'Flame' Smoke Tree
'Flame Stitch' Hosta Flame Tree, Chinese
Flame Tree, Illawarra Flame Tree, Pink
Flame Tree, Yellow Flame Vine
Flame Vine, Orange Flame Vine: venusta
Flamegold Flameleaf Sumac (spp.)
Flameleaf Sumac: copallina Flameleaf, Mexican (spp.)
Flameleaf, Mexican 'Peterstar Silver Bells' Flameleaf, Mexican 'V-14 Pink'
Flameleaf, Mexican 'V-17 Angelika White' Flameleaf, Mexican 'Winter Rose'
'Flamenco' Red Hot Poker Flaming Katy
'Flaming Mound' Japanese Spirea Flaming Sword Bromeliad
'Flamingo' Astilbe 'Flamingo' Boxelder
Flamingo Flower (spp.) Flamingo Flower 'Kozuhara'
Flamingo Flower: scherzerianum Flamingo Plant (spp.)
Flamingo Plant 'Confetti Red' Flamingo Plant: carnea
'Flamingo' Red Fox 'Flamingo' Rose
'Flamingo' Summer Phlox Flannel Bush 'Ken Taylor'
Flannel Bush 'Pacific Sunset' Flannel Bush, California
Flannel Bush, Mexican Flannel Bush: californicum, California
Flannel Plant Flapjacks
'Flasher' Daylily 'Flashy Gretchen' Florist's Chrysanthemum
Flat Flowered Aloe Flat Sea Holly (spp.)
Flat Sea Holly 'Blaukappe' Flat Sea Holly 'Jade Frost'
Flat Topped Goldenrod Flatspine Prickly Ash
Flatwoods Plum 'Flava' American Trumpet Vine
'Flava' Red Hot Poker Flaveria
'Flavescens' Japanese Cutleaf Maple 'Flavum' Sargent Viburnum
Flax Leaf Paperbark Flax Leaved Tulip 'Bright Gem'
Flax Leaved Tulip 'Little Gem' Flax Leaved Tulip 'Red Jewel'
Flax Lily, Tasman (spp.) Flax Lily, Tasman Variegated
Flax 'Amazon Red' Flax 'Golden Ray'
Flax 'Guardsman' Flax 'Jack Spratt'
Flax 'Pink Panther' Flax 'Platt's Black'
Flax 'Rainbow River' Flax 'Sundowner'
Flax, Blue (spp.) Flax, Blue 'Nanum Sapphire'
Flax, Coastal (spp.) Flax, Coastal 'Apricot Queen'
Flax, Coastal 'Dazzler' Flax, Coastal 'Pink Stripe'
Flax, Coastal 'Purpureum' Flax, Coastal 'Rainbow Sunrise (Maori Queen)'
Flax, Coastal 'Surfer' Flax, Lewis
Flax, Mountain Flax, New Zealand (spp.)
Flax, New Zealand 'Apricot Queen' Flax, New Zealand 'Dazzler'
Flax, New Zealand 'Pink Stripe' Flax, New Zealand 'Purpureum'
Flax, New Zealand 'Rainbow Sunrise (Maori Queen)' Flax, New Zealand 'Surfer'
Flax, Perennial (spp.) Flax, Perennial 'Nanum Sapphire'
Flax, Praire Flax: lewisii, Blue