'Diadem' Sawtooth Hydrangea Diamond Cholla
'Diamond Frost®' Spurge: Euphorbia Diamond Leaf Oak
'Diamond Tiara' Hosta 'Diamonte Coral Rose' Diascia
'Diana Clare' Long Leafed Lungwort 'Diana' Florist's Chrysanthemum
'Diana' Rose of Sharon 'Diana' Witchhazel: intermediahybrid
'Diane's Dissectum' Japanese Cutleaf Maple 'Dianne Verkade' Japanese Maple
Diascia 'Darla Pink Twinspur' Diascia 'Darla Red Twinspur'
Diascia 'Darla Rose Twinspur' Diascia 'Darla White Twinspur'
Diascia 'Deep Salmon Twinspur' Diascia 'Diamonte Coral Rose'
Diascia 'Elfjes Doortje Twinspur' Diascia 'Elfjes Filina Twinspur'
Diascia 'Elfjes Jochie Twinspur' Diascia 'Flying Colors® Trailing Red Twinspur'
Diascia 'Light Pink Twinspur' Diascia 'Red Ace'
Diascia 'Salmon Supreme' Diascia 'Sun Chimes Coral'
Diascia: rigescens Dichondra 'Lawn Leaf'
Dichondra 'Silver Bush' Dichondra: micrantha
Dichroa Dichroa: ssp.
'Dick Self' Evergreen Candytuft 'Dick Ward' Hosta
Dicksonia Dicksonia: thyrsopteroides
'Dickson's Gold' Bellflower Dicliptera
Didder Didelta
'Diffusa' Norway Spruce Digger Pine
'Dignity' Oregon Fleabane Dill 'Fernleaf'
'Dillenburg' Hybrid Tulip 'Dilly Dilly' Lavender
Dinner Plate Aeonium Dinnerplate Aralia 'Marginata'
Dioon Dioon, Chestnut
Dioon: holmgrenii Dioon: mejiae
Dioon: spinulosum Diosma, Pink (spp.)
Diosma, Pink 'Sunset Gold' 'Director George T. Moore' Waterlily
'Dirigo Arbutus' Moss Phlox 'Dirr Selection' Black Gum
Disanthus 'Disco' Rose Mallow
'Dissectum' Shantung Maple 'Dissectum Variegatum' Japanese Cutleaf Maple
Distylium 'Coppertone™' Distylium 'Spring Frost™'
Ditchmoss Dittany of Crete (spp.)
Dittany of Crete 'Amargcus Dictamnus' Dittany, False (spp.)
Dittany, False 'Albiflorus' Dittany, False 'Purpureus'
Dittany, White (spp.) Dittany, White 'Albiflorus'
Dittany, White 'Purpureus' 'Diversifolia' Oak
Divi-Divi 'Divine Gift' Daylily
'Divine Wine' French Lavender Divorce Vine
'Doctor Kassab' Holly Dodder
Dodder Vine Dodder, Western Field
Dodder: campestris 'Dodo Hanbury Forbes' Summer Phlox
'Dodoens' Hybrid Elm 'Doescheri' India Rubber Tree
Dog Brier 'Rose Hips' Dog Fennel: capillifolium
Dog Hobble (spp.) Dog Hobble 'Girard's Rainbow'
Dog Hobble 'Rainbow' Dog Hobble, Coastal
Dog Rose 'Rose Hips' Dogbane, Blue (spp.)
Dog's Tooth Violet 'Citronella' Dog's Tooth Violet: dens-canis
Dog's Tooth Violet: tuolumnense Dogtooth Lily