Coat Flower 'Coates' Saucer Magnolia: soulangianahybrid
'Cobalt Blue' Japanese Water Iris Cobbitty Daisy (spp.)
Cobbitty Daisy 'Molimba® Pink' Cobbitty Daisy 'Vanilla Butterfly®'
'Cobra' Common Torch Lily: Kniphofia Cobra Jack
Cobra Lily Cobra Lily: californica
Cobweb Hen and Chicks Cobweb Houseleek (spp.)
Cobweb Houseleek 'Red Cobweb' Cobweb Houseleek: arachnoideum tomentosum
Cobweb Spiderwort 'Coccineus' Creeping Thyme
'Coccineus' Jupiter's Beard 'Coccineus' Wild Thyme
Cocculus Cocklebur, Common
Cocklebur, Large Cocklebur, Rough
Cocklebur: repens Cockscomb (spp.)
Cockscomb 'Bombay Purple' Cockscomb 'Bombay Yellow Gold'
Cockscomb 'Jewel Box Golden Yellow' Cockscomb 'Jewel Box Salmon'
Cockscomb 'Kardinal Improved' Cockscomb 'Karume'
Cockscomb 'Prestige Scarlet' Cockscomb 'Purple with purple leaves'
Cockscomb 'Red Velvet' Cockscomb 'Startrek Rose Pink'
Cockscomb, Green Cockspur Coral Tree
Cocoa, Wild 'Coconut' Geranium: Pelargonium
Coconut Palm (spp.) Coconut Palm 'Malayan Dwarf'
Coconut, Double Cocoplum
Cocos Palm Cocos Plumosa
'Coerulea' Giant Blue Camas 'Coerulea Lace' Sawtooth Hydrangea
Coffee Coffee Colubrina
'Coffee Cream' Pot Marigold Coffee, Wild
Coffee: nervosa, Wild Coffeeberry (spp.)
Coffeeberry, California (spp.) Coin Leaf Peperomia
'Colchester' Japanese Water Iris 'Colchester White' Bachelors' Button
'Colchester White' Dusty Miller Colchicum, Showy (spp.)
Colchicum, Showy 'The Giant' Colchis Ivy (spp.)
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata Variegata' Colchis Ivy 'Trabzon'
'Coleman' Sugar Maple 'Coles Prostrate' Canadian Hemlock
'Cole's Select' Apple Serviceberry 'Colette' Rose
Coleus (spp.) Coleus 'ColorBlaze® Dipt in Wine'
Coleus 'Gay's Delight' Coleus 'India Frills'
Coleus 'Kong Rose' Coleus 'Mars'
Coleus 'Micawpy' Coleus 'Victoria Ruffles'
Coleus 'Wizard™ Golden' Coleus 'Wizard™ Jade'
Coleus 'Wizard™ Mix' Coleus, Flowering Bush
Coleus: hybrid 'Pineapple Queen' Colewort (spp.)
Colewort 'Nagoya Purple' Colewort 'Nagoya Red'
Colewort 'Nagoya White' Colewort 'Red Peacock'
Colewort 'Redbor' Colewort 'White Peacock'
Colewort: cordifolia Colima
Coliseum Maple (spp.) Coliseum Maple Golden
Collard (spp.) Collard 'Nagoya Purple'
Collard 'Nagoya Red' Collard 'Nagoya White'
Collard 'Red Peacock' Collard 'Redbor'
Collard 'White Peacock'