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How do I install my Expert Notes under Windows 7 and 8?


If you do not have User Account Control (UAC) turned off (the Windows default is ON), the automatic setup will not work and you will need to follow these instructions to install/open the software:

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to use EXPERT Notes.  The latest version is available free at

  1. Insert the EXPERT Notes CD (Pruning and Planting or Pests & Diseases).
  2. If you get a Windows registry error. Click OK .
  3. Open Windows Explorer (You can right-click on the Start menu and select OpenWindows Explorer)
  4. In Windows Explorer, browse to your CD/DVD drive, open the Expert Notes CD, then open the Autorun folder.
  5. RIGHT-click on Autorun.exe (or the Autorun Application file if you do not see the .exe file) then select Run as Administrator*
  6. In a few minutes, the startup screen should appear
  7. Click on Install for use with Professional/A to Z, accept the default name of the folder where the program will be installed, and record the folder path and name, e.g. C:\Horticopia Pruning. 
  8. Click on OK once you've selected the target folder
  9. When installation is complete, Quit the Expert Notes dialogue box.
  10. Open HORTICOPIA Professional 
  11. On the Favorites menu, select Added Notes Manager
  12. Click on Install added notes from a local file
  13. After the dialog box appears, browse to the folder where the Expert Notes application (Step 7) was saved.
  14. Open the Expert Notes file and the Expert Notes dialogue box will appear indicating the installation was successful.

* Please note that "Run as Administrator" is not the same thing as being logged on as an Administrator.

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