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SQL Server on a different computer


The following describes how to configure HORTICOPIA® Professional to use a Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or 2008) located on a different computer:

If you are running Version 5.0.450 of HORTICOPIA® Professional, or later and the host computer does not have an SQL Server instance named SQLEXPRESS or HORTPROSQL:

  1. Open the Horticopia Control Panel

  2. On the General tab, check Reinitialize SQL Connection

  3. Click on OK

  4. Start HORTICOPIA® Professional.

  5. You will be prompted to enter information about the remote SQL Server.

If the above conditions do not apply:

1. First, install the HORTICOPIA® Professional software. It's not necessary to have an SQL Server accessible at this time.

2. Run the HORTICOPIA® Professional software so it performs its initialization. It will then fail when attempting to establish a connection to the SQL Server.

3. Open the Horticopia Data folder. The default location would be C:\Horticopia\Horticopia Data.
You can also open the Horticopia Control panel (Start, All Program, Horticopia Pro V, Horticopia Control Panel.) Click on the Setup tab and then "Open Horticopia Data folder".

4. Copy the files ..\Horticopia Data\Data\HortData.mdf and ..\Horticopia Data\Data\HortData_log.ldf  to a folder on the computer running the SQL Server.

5. Open the ..\Horticopia Data\Horticopia.ini file

6. Modify the SQLConnect= line so that Data Source=SQLServer\InstanceName substituting your server and instance names

7. Modify the dbPath= line so it points to the directory address local to the SQL Server computer. If, for example, the target folder for the database file (Step 4) is D:\HortDatabase, then this line should read
dbpath= D:\HortDatabase\

8. Save the Horticopia.ini file.

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