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What do I do if I have problems installing the HORTICOPIA® Professional picture libraries?


If you have problems loading from the Library DVD, you will need to know what libraries/images you are authorized for. The image files are organized on the HORTICOPIA® Professional Library DVD in folders labeled with one letter followed by one number (For example - J1 or V5). These 2 character names correspond to certain libraries.

  • V5 - Version V
  • H1, H2 - Herbaceous Plus
  • W1, W2, W3 - Woodies Plus
  • J1 - Aquatic
  • I1 - Interior

Quick Instructions:

Create a folder called HortProfPix on your hard drive. Copy the plant library images into HortProfPix with the name of its respective volume (For example - V5, W2 or I1).

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Open Windows Explorer – go to Start menu --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Windows Explorer.
  2. In the left panel, click on the drive where you want to copy the images.
  3. From the File menu, select New --> Folder.
  4. A folder called New Folder will be created. Change the name to HortProfPix by typing in the name.
  5. Insert the HORTICOPIA® Professional DVD into the drive and close out of the library installation program that will start running if you have autoplay turned on.
  6. Click on the DVD drive icon and open the folder named PixLibs.
  7. Click on the first folder that you need to install (see the list above to decide what folders need to be installed). Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the other folders that you need to install. All the folders that you need to install should now be highlighted.
  8. From the Edit menu, select Copy.
  9. Locate the folder you created in Steps 3 and 4 (the one named HortProfPix). If necessary, scroll the left side of the Windows Explorer window. Click on the folder to highlight it.
  10. From the Edit menu, select Paste. The images will then be copied. This will probably take a while as there is usually a lot of material that will need to be copied.
  11. After the files are done being copied, start HORTICOPIA® Professional.
  12. From the Tools menu, select Launch Control Panel.
  13. Click on the Setup tab and click on the Plant Library Location... button. You will then be prompted to enter a path to the HortProfPix folder.
  14. Click on the Browse... button.
  15. When the Browse for folder window appears, browse to the HortProfPix folder.
  16. Make sure the HortProfPix folder is highlighted and click on OK. All the libraries should appear as installed. Click on the Plant Library’s OK button.
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