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What do I do if after I perform a new installation of Professional the program does not work?


If the program does not work after performing a new installation, it is possible that something interfered with the installation of important files.

One possible cause of this could be anti-virus software. During installation of HORTICOPIA® Professional, make sure that you suppress ALL anti-virus software. Sometimes anti-virus software can be administered through a network and can be very difficult to turn off. If you cannot turn it off, consider starting Windows in safe mode and performing the installation.

Another possible cause of a bad installation would be a restriction of privileges on your Windows user account during installation. During installation of the program, you must have Administrative privileges.

To remedy a bad installation, make sure that you have Administrative privileges and that all anti-virus software is suppressed. Then insert the Professional CD and try the installation again.

Horticopia makes updates to the software from time to time. There are system configurations where an older software build may not work. If you are on the current version, you can download the latest updates from our website. Once the program is installed (even if it won't start), go to our website and get the latest updates:

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