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What is a MyList® and how do I create one?


What is a MyList®?

Use the MyList® feature in HORTICOPIA® Professional to create plant lists for clients, lists of plants that you use frequently, or lists of plants needing POS signage. Save these MyLists to your Documents folder for easy retrieval at a later date, and there is no limit to the number of custom MyLists you can create.

How to create a MyList

Note: The MyList that you create will open by default in the same name format as that which was selected while saving. For example, if I save a MyList while it is displaying the common names of the plants in it, the list will open displaying common names.

  1. Start in botanical or common name mode and browse the plant list and click on the checkbox to the left of a plant or cultivar name. A check should appear in the box. Your plant has been added to the MyList.
  2. Check the checkboxes next to several other plants to add them to the current MyList. After you have added several plants, you can click on the MyList button, to view only the selections you have made.
  3. Click on the MyList button again to return to the main list to make additional selections.
  4. To remove a plant from your MyList, click in the checkbox of one of the MyList plants to remove the check. The plant has now been removed from the MyList.
  5. When you are done selecting plants for the MyList, click on the MyList button to view the entire list. To save the MyList, from the File menu select Save MyList as. Choose a name and location for your list and click Save.
  6. To close the MyList, from the File menu select Close MyList. To reopen it, from the File menu select Open MyList.and browse to you list.
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