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What is a Product number or an Activation number?


With your purchase of HORTICOPIA® Professional, you received a Product Number or an Activation Number that identifies you as a valid user of the HORTICOPIA® Professional.

A Product Number consists of 5 groups of numbers. An Activation Number consists of a string of characters made up of two or more letters followed by 3 groups of numbers. You will find the Product/Activation Number on a sheet of paper that accompanied the product. You can also find your Product/Activation Number by clicking on System Parameters in the Help drop down menu from within the program. The number will be listed near the top of the text file that opens.

Product numbers were introduced with Version V and have a format of nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn. Activation Numbers have a format of xx-yyy-nnn-nnn-nnn. The first two fields, xx and yy, may contain numbers or letters. .

After installation of HORTICOPIA® Professional, you have 10 days to obtain an authorization code. The authorization code enables the software on your computer and prevents unauthorized installation on other computers. You can move the software to another computer by terminating the existing terminate and obtaining the termination code. This action disables the software on the existing machine so it can be installed on another. You will need to send in your termination code along with your request to authorize the software on a new computer. Each HORTICOPIA® Professional product/activation number is unique and should be kept for future reference. You will need your product/activation number when requesting technical support from Horticopia, so that we can quickly identify your product.

Note: A product/activation numbers are different from authorization codes. Authorization codes are unique to a computer system and need not to be recorded as they are only used once and cannot be used again.

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