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How do I export a picture?


With HORTICOPIA® Professional, you have the option of exporting pictures. This allows other programs to use the plant pictures.

To export a picture:

  1. From the Garden Workbench®, find the plant with the picture that you wish to export and open the plant information window.
  2. On the Previews tab, double-click on the picture to bring up an enlarged view of it.
  3. While the enlarged view of the picture is open, go to the Edit menu and select Copy. A copyright/licensing notice will then pop up. You must read this, make sure that you accept the terms and then click Accept. The picture will be copied to the Windows clipboard and can be pasted into another program.  If you do not agree with the terms, click Decline and the picture will not be copied.


Note: The Student Version of Professional does not have this capability.

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