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Upgrading to Version V Software without the Version V Plant Library


If you upgraded to Version V from Version III or Version IV and did not order the new Version V plant library, then you would not have the new plant library DVD. This DVD contains the HORTICOPIA® Professional sound files and hardiness maps.

If you upgrade from Version III or IV and install Version V on the same computer that currently has Version III or Version IV installed, no additional procedure is required. However, if you install Version V on a new computer or need to reinstall because of a disk crash (be sure to terminate your HORTICOPIA® Professional license on the old computer first), then you must use the Version III or Version IV software disk to install the sound and hardiness files in addition to installing the picture library disks from your previous version.

After the picture libraries have been installed, you should have a folder on your local hard drive named HortProfPix(unless you chose a different name at installation). After this has been completed, insert your old (Version III or IV) software CD. If the installation program starts, exit the installation but leave the CD in the drive. Using Windows Explorer (or My Computer), browse the contents of the software CD. Copy the following folders to C:HortProfPix(change the drive letter and folder name if you did not use the default installation location):



(If your CD drive letter is not D:, substitute the appropriate drive letter)

When you are done, the HortProfPix folder should contain pictures libraries (H1, H2, W1, W2, W3, etc. or some subset of these) and the foldersGeografy and Horttalk.

Next, open the HORTICOPIA® Professional Control Panel, click on the Setup tab, and then click on Plant Library Location…Browse to theHortProfPix folder, select it, and click on OK. You can then quit the HORTICOPIA® Professional Control Panel and proceed to run HORTICOPIA® Professional.

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