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How do I get rid of the requirement to run as Administrator in Version V?


This applies to Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8, Server 2008, and later systems.

Please note that the first time you run HORTICOPIA Professional, you must run as an Administrator if you don't have User Account Control turned off. These procedures apply to subsequent runs.

You may solve this issue with either of the following methods:

1. You can turn off User Account Control. Use your Windows Help and Support and search for User Account Control (or just UAC) to obtain specific instructions for your Windows operating system.

2. You can add the current user account to the SQL Server administrators. This method leaves User Account Control in place and just adds your user account to the allowable SQL Server users. It does not address other issues associated with User Account Control restrictions.

  • From you Start menu, select [All] Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Configuration Tools, SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration

  • Click on Add New Administrator

  • In the left pane, click on Member of SQL Server SysAdmin role on HORTPROSQL (or SQLEXPRESS)

  • Click on the buttonto move it to the right pane
  • Click on OK
  • Close the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration window

You can now start HORTICOPIA® Professional by double-clicking on the desktop icon

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