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Where are my Garden Studio templates located?


The Garden Studio® templates are located in the Horticopia Data folder on your computer. In this folder, the templates are located in Garden StudioTemplates. There are many possible locations for the Horticopia Data folder.

Note: In the Templates folder mentioned above, the file and folder structure is the same as the template structure that you see when you open Garden Studio. Each template has two files associated with it: an .hfm file and an .htp file. The .hfm file stores the form data for the respective template while the .htp file stores the actual template data.

If you change the structure of these folders, you will see it reflected in Garden Studio and if you change the structure in Garden Studio, you will see it reflected in the folder structure. For example: if in the Templates folder you have folders named A, B and C; and inside folder A you have 5 templates, you will see when you open Garden Studio that you will have folders A, B and C with folder A containing 5 templates.

In Version V, open the HORTICOPIA Control Panel. On the Garden Studio tab, you will find buttons for importing and exportimng templates.

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