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How do I reinstall the HorticopiaPDF printer?


This update applies to HORTICOPIA Professional Version V. If the HorticopiaPDF printer causes you problems, download and run this update. This applies primarily to Windows 7 systems. For Windows 10, Horticopia Professional utilizes the built-in Microsoft PDF writer.

Run (or download and run) the HorticopiaPDF printer update installation from

The installation may take a couple of minutes. If you get a message about replacing an already existing printer with the same name, be sure to allow the replacement.

If you get any error messages when downloading or installing the printer update:

  1. Download and save UpdateHortProV5Prtr.exe.  DO NOT select Run!
  2. After the download is complete, right-click on the saved UpdateHortProV5Prtr.exe and select Run As Administrator 
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