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What should I do if, on a client computer, I get a "Not authorized" error message?


1. On The Server computer, open the Hortciopia Control Panel. On the Licensing tab, select "Configure for network clients"
2. Note the required path displayed in the text (Notepad) file
3. On the client computer, go to Start, All Programs, Horticopia Pro V, Reset Horticopia Path
4. Enter the path from Step 2 above

Alternate for Steps 1-2 (assuming Configure for network clients was previously done on the Server):
1. On the Server, right click on the HORTICOPIA Pro V icon
2. For Windows Vista/7/Server 2008, select "Open File location" from the pop-up menu; for Windows XP/Server 2003, select Properties and then "Find target" on the properties menu's Shortcut tab
3. Once the target folder is open, open the file "NetworkPath.txt"

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