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This installation path is corrupt.


The message "This installation path is corrupt" generally occurs when the program is launched from a location other than where it was originally installed.

This message will also occur if you move or rename any folder on your system that is part of the path to the HORTICOPIA® Professional program file. If you are running on a network, this message will appear if you have renamed your server computer or the share name for your disk drive. If you have uninstalled the program and reinstalled to a different directory, you will also see this message.

If you receive this message and you have moved the installation directory for HORTICOPIA® Professional, you can move the directory back to its original location to solve the problem.

If you have intentionally renamed your folders or want to run the program from the new location on your disk, you must contact Horticopia Technical Support to get reauthorized. Do not attempt to uninstall and reinstall your software, as this will not remedy the problem.

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