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License file problem -- CANNOT READ FILE -- 8


This error message indicates that HORTICOPIA® Professional program is having problems accessing your license file for the program. The license file is called HortPro.lf and is usually stored in the Horticopia Data folder if you are running version IV or V. If you are running version 3, HortPro.lf is located at \Horticopia\HortData. This file is highly sensitive and you should not attempt to move or open it.

License file problem--Cannot read file

This message occurs when the HORTICOPIA® Professional program cannot read your primary license file. Be sure that the current user has access to read the file from the installation directory. If the current user has access to this file and you still receive this message, it probably means that something has happened on your system that has corrupted the file. (Attempting to open this file in another program will corrupt this file) If this has happened, you will need to email your existing HortPro.lf file to Horticopia Support. We will need to repair the file for you and send it back to you so that you can replace the file on your system.

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