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License file problem -- CANNOT CREATE FILE -- 9


This error message indicates that HORTICOPIA® Professional program is having problems accessing your license file for the program. The license file is called HortPro.lf and is usually stored in the Horticopia Data folder if you are running version IV or V. If you are running version 3, HortPro.lf is located at \Horticopia\HortData. This file is highly sensitive and you should not attempt to move or open it.

License file problem--Cannot create file

Each time you start HORTICOPIA® Professional, the program creates another license file for that user in the same folder as the primary license file. This tells the program how many users are logged on to the program. If the count exceeds the number in the primary license file then the program does not allow any more users to log on. This message tells you that there is a problem creating the user license file in the installation directory. This usually happens when the folder is write protected or if the user does not have privileges to create this file in that folder. To remedy the problem, be sure that you are logged on as a "Power User" or an "Administrator" under Windows (Control Panel | Users and Permissions) and that the installation folder is not write protected.

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