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Cannot create folders/files in ...


An error such as this indicates that you have some restrictions on the
Windows account that you are using.

To correctly run HORTICOPIA® Professional, users must have
adequate permissions to certain folders. Below are the specific privileges
necessary to correctly run Professional.

  • Users must have full control of the Horticopia Data folder.
  • Users must have read access to the pictures folder and to the Horticopia
    software folder. The picture folder is typically named HortProfPix.
  • Users need write access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section of the registry
    the first time the software is executed.

For help locating the Horticopia Data folder, see Where
is the Horticopia Data folder located?

To test whether you have full control of a folder, browse to it. Then create
a text file inside it, save it and then delete it. If you cannot at least
perform these tasks, you need to talk to your Administrator about
obtaining sufficient privileges.

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