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How do I install on a new computer and transfer my authored plants, user pictures or Garden Studio data?


This FAQ topic is intended for those users that have Version V and wish to terminate their license on one computer and authorize on another.

All of the above data is contained in the Horticopia Data folder. The following procedure will show you how to copy this folder to the new computer. For ease of explanation, we will assume that computer OLD is the computer on which Professional will be terminated and computer NEW is the new computer that will be authorized. That is, you are moving from computer OLD to computer NEW.


  1. On computer NEW, install HORTICOPIA® Professional. Refer to for downloading the current software disk image.
  2. After completion of the installation, if you did not use the current software image, check for and install any updates that are available for the program by going to the Window's Start menu --> All Programs --> Horticopia Pro V --> Horticopia Updates or go to the updates section on our website.
  3. After installing/updating on computer NEW start HORTICOPIA® Professional, go to the Tools menu and select Launch Control Panel.
  4. On computer OLD, launch the HORTICOPIA® Control Panel.
  5. Still on computer OLD, click on the Setup tab and click on the Copy (backup) HORTICOPIA Data Folder. You will then need to specify a location for the copy of the Horticopia Data folder. Copy the folder to your flash drive, CD or whatever medium you are using to transfer the data from one computer to another.
  6. On computer NEW, make sure you can access the Horticopia Data folder you copied from Computer OLD. It may be on a flash drive, CD, or network location or you may already have copied onto the local hard drive on Computer NEW.
  7. On Computer NEW, open the Horticopia Control Panel. Go to Start, All Programs, Horticopia Pro V, Horticopia Control Panel.
  8. Click on the Setup tab, then click on Import HORTICOPIA Data from a diferent location.
  9. Locate the Horticopia Data folder from Computer OLD and let the data import complete. All of your data will be successfully transfered and usable on computer NEW.
  10. After you have successfully terminated the license on computer OLD, you can use the Internet Authorization on Computer NEW. Otherwise, you'll need to contact HORTICOPIA® to communicate your termination code and obtain your new authorization codes(Contacting HORTICOPIA®).

Refer to for information about moving your plant lists and print layouts.

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